Xiaomi Launches 4 Mijia’s Refrigerator In China, Capacity Up to 486 Liters


Today, Xiaomi has presented what is its first proposal in the market of refrigerators and freezers. As is normal in the brand, it does so by entering the large door and thus presents 4 refrigerators with their respective freezers. All of them under their own Mijia brand, focused on a type of family or home, being the models of 486L, 483L, 210L, and 160L capacity.

These four Mijia refrigerators are made of titanium. The first three are air-cooled refrigerators and allow to be like this No Frost (without ice). Compared to the traditional refrigerator, they can avoid the problem of icing.

The three-dimensional air outlet ensures that the temperature inside the refrigerator is more uniform than that of the traditional refrigerator, thus avoiding direct air blowing into the food.

In addition they add support of the Xiaomi AI, Xiao AI, the user can ask his fridge about the temperature status, as well as the freezing state, adding support with the Mi Home platform so that he can remotely make inquiries about the status of the operation of the refrigerator and the temperature at which it is working, as well as being able to change it to our liking while we are away from home.

In terms of size and storage volume, Xiaomi has designed the 4 models so that they adapt perfectly to the standards of Chinese kitchens. They have three or four doors for a better opening of the compartments without obstructing the passage between the inhabitants of the house and the objects that are in the kitchen.

The largest 486L capacity model has a total of 17 compartments in which Chinese foods can be stored and diversified, which greatly reduces the smell. In addition to these compartments, it has 6 large mobile trays in which to continue storing food.

The three-door model includes a micro-freezer in the middle to store products such as ice cream and ice, thus preventing them from soaking up strong odors from the food consumed by Asians.

In terms of energy-saving and silence, the four refrigerators can keep a low noise, being 39dB, and daily use is not annoying. The largest four-door refrigerator and the three-door refrigerator are of national standard energy efficiency level 2, and the daily energy consumption is 1.05 kWh / 24h and 0.99 kWh / 24h.

We do not forget to mention that all models are equipped with the automatic constant temperature calibration function. The four models launched by Xiaomi under its Mijia brand have a three-year warranty in China, the first 12 months being mandatory in the Asian country. Xiaomi gives a greater guarantee since it relies on the performance of its refrigerators. All of them are already on sale in China.

Xioami thus enters fully into the kitchens of Chinese users and covers another area in which the company expects to be able to sell these refrigerators highly since in China there are still many of these that are old and use an old cooling system that performs frost and ice with the use of time and the opening of the doors.

So Xiaomi currently sells all the necessary appliances to have a home connected to the Internet, having already under its Mijia brand: washing machines, microwaves, ovens, stoves, fume hood, radiators, televisions, dryers, air conditioners, air purifiers, lamp.

In terms of price, a two-door and 160-liter refrigerator costs 999 yuan (about $140), a 210-liter and the three-door refrigerator costs 1599 yuan (about $225), a 483-liter and two-door refrigerator cost 1999 yuan. (About $281) and 486 liters and four-door refrigerator is priced at 2999 yuan (about $422).

As it is to understand due to their volume and weight these refrigerators for the moment will only be sold in China and To lure in customers, Xiaomi will offer a warranty of 3 years/36 months to buyers who order these refrigerators in the first sale which is scheduled for 10 PM on the 15th of October.

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