Xiaomi Mi 13 VS iPhone 14 Pro Quick Comparison Review


At the press conference of the Mi 12 series, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, once shouted the catchphrase “Beat Apple, learn from Apple”. A year later, the Mi 13 series may be the first answer sheet given by Xiaomi against Apple.

This year, Mi 13 adopts a right-angle frame and a straight-facing screen design. Netizens can’t help but compare Mi 13 with Apple phones. Lei Jun also compares the borders of the Mi 13 series with the iPhone 14 series without fear. How about the two phones? Recently, a digital blogger compared the real phones of the two phones.  The blogger compared Mi 13 with iPhone 14 Pro from multiple angles. From the front, the screen of the Mi 13 is more slender than that of the iPhone 14 Pro, and the center-digging design increases the screen-to-body ratio.

In terms of a four-frame design, Mi 13 is also better, with narrower frames. According to the official introduction, Mi 13 adopts an extremely narrow quadrilateral design, with three sides as narrow as 1.61mm and a chin of only 1.81mm. The screen-to-body ratio is as high as 93.3%. For reference, the iPhone 14 is 2.4mm wide and the iPhone 14 Pro is 2.15mm wide.

In terms of appearance, Mi 13 looks more futuristic, while iPhone 14 Pro is more dignified and stable. In terms of thickness, it looks like Xiaomi Mi 13 also has a better white color scheme. As for the back design, one uses a matrix camera design, and the other has three built-in large cameras, each with its own beauty.

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