Xiaomi Mi 13 VS iPhone 14 Quick Comparison Review


This year’s Xiaomi Mi 13 is indeed a mobile phone that is fully benchmarked against the iPhone, such as a square frame + straight screen, and the front view is very similar to the iPhone.

The advantage of the iPhone lies in its better experience. The integrated strategy of software IOS + hardware brings the iPhone a very high competitiveness, which has been proved in terms of sales.

And Xiaomi Mi 13 is better in configuration. To be honest, most of the configurations are better than iPhone 14:

  • 1. Performance part. The GPU performance of Snapdragon 8Gen2 is stronger in this test.
  • 2. The screen part. The global 120hz high refresh rate, higher peak brightness, and DC dimming are more eye-friendly.
  • 3. Take pictures. The hardware quality of the main camera is better, and there is also optical image stabilization. There is an extra telephoto lens, 3.2 times optical zoom, and more focal lengths. The front 32MP lenses are better.
  • 4. Fast charging part. 67W fast charging is faster.

The advantages of the iPhone 14 are:

  • 1. Performance part. The single-core CPU performance of the A15 is stronger, and with the iOS system, the APP response speed is faster.
  • 2. The screen part. The look and feel of the screen are better, using Samsung M material, and the transparency and color are better.
  • 3. The mobile phone is lighter and thinner.
  • 4. The iOS experience is better. It is undeniable that the domestic customization system has caught up in the past few years, but the animation effects and details of iOS are the benchmarks of mobile phone systems.
    However, the subject has an iPad, and if he wants to experience a more convenient Internet experience, it is of course better to choose an iPhone.

Take a look at the detailed parameter configuration comparison:

Xiaomi Mi 13, the main small-size screen

One is the 6.36-inch screen + 185g weight, the small-screen flagship feels great in the hand. It is narrower in width, longer in body, and feels very good in the hand. The actual display area of ​​the screen is also good, more than enough for video and audio.

The second is the square frame + ultra-narrow frame on four sides, plus the solid-color back cover glass, the frame is delicately processed, the workmanship is smooth, and the texture and appearance are outstanding.

The third is the mainstream level of photography. Outsole main camera + super wide-angle + telephoto lens. Everything that should be given is given, and both the main camera and the telephoto lens have their own optical image stabilization. With Leica color management, the imaging effect of the camera is no problem. It is a rare telephoto lens at this price.

The small body will almost dissipate heat when playing games.

Suggestion: At present, there are not many small-screen flagship mobile phones in the market, with super-top performance, decent screens, and a good overall level.

iPhone 14

One is the full-blood version of the A15 performance + IOS system. The highest level of performance and power consumption, as well as a closed and safe IOS system, which is smooth, easy to use, and worry-free, are experiences that Android cannot provide.

The second is that the imaging level of the camera is still good. The advantage of Apple’s camera lies in its software optimization capabilities. The main camera + wide-angle combination covers most scenes in daily use.
Third, the screen quality is not bad. The peak brightness is sufficient, and the resolution is considered to be stuck between 1080P and 2K screens, taking battery life and display effects into consideration.

Fourth, the battery life is good. Thanks to the strong energy consumption ratio, it is much better than most Android phones with a 4500mAh battery.

Final Words

One is the screen refresh rate of 60hz.
Second, the fast charging power is too low.

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