Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G VS Vivo iQoo Pro Comparison Review


Today we are going to talk about how to choose better 5G mobile phones, but it also depends on the specific configuration and performance of these Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro VS Vivo iQoo Pro. Next, we compare the detailed parameters and performance of the two phones and talk with the data!

The two phones in comparison are 8+128g versions, the price of Xiaomi is 3699, and the price of iqoo Pro 5G is 3798. But iqoo comes with a genuine earphone worth 299, Xiaomi Mi9 Pro does not, the following compares the parameter configuration of two mobile phones:


The Xiaomi Mi9 Pro uses a 6.39-inch Samsung AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 and a screen ratio of 90.7%. The iqoo Pro uses a 6.41-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 and a screen ratio of 91.7%. On the screen side, the two phones did not open a large distance.


Both mobile phone processing chips use Qualcomm’s Opteron 855Plus, and the parameters are not much different. The difference is that iQOO Pro 5G uses more advanced UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory, while Xiaomi Mi9 Pro uses UFS 2.1 flash memory. iQOO Pro 5G has obvious advantages in flash performance, and the difference in application installation and running speed obviously. In addition, UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory in the 5G experience is much better than the UFS 2.1 flash memory experience.


Iqoo Pro has a built-in large battery of 4500 mAh and supports a 44W high-speed fast charge. The Xiaomi Mi9 Pro battery is 4000 mAh and supports a 40W fast charge. In terms of battery life, the advantages of iqoo Pro are obvious. Although both phones are equipped with only a single speaker, iqoo Pro has a built-in HiFi chip, which is much better than the Xiaomi 9Pro in music, video, and games.


Camera hardware configuration, Xiaomi Mi9 Pro front 2000w pixel lens, rear 4800w + 1200w + 1600w lens combination. Iqoo Pro is equipped with a 4800w+1300w+200w lens combination. So in terms of taking pictures, Xiaomi Mi9 Pro will perform better.


Xiaomi Mi9 Pro 5G product positioning is more extensive, and boys and girls are all eating. And iQoo Pro pays more attention to the optimization of the game, and the appearance is more individual, suitable for people who like cool personality. If you let go of these objective factors, iqoo Pro is better than Xiaomi 9Pro in terms of configuration and performance. After reading these comparisons, how would you choose?


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