Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Review: The Ultimate Wearable Experience


From the single initial function of step counting, sleep, and the form without a screen to today’s all-weather heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure, sleep, exercise monitoring, and comprehensive touch screen form, the gap between smart bracelets and smartwatches is getting smaller and smaller. Health monitoring capabilities are becoming more and more comprehensive, and the form is also becoming saturated. So, in smart bracelets, in what areas can they bring innovation? We just released the Xiaomi Mi Band 8; let’s look at its new features.

1. Interesting dial; the bracelet can also play games

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 has added four attractive dials, including Little Man Crossing the Bridge, Who Is Xueba, Shooting Expert, and 2048. You can play simple games when the screen is locked, adding more fun sex.

2. Vitality value detection to evaluate the user’s vitality status

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 also supports the running courses on the wrist first released in 7 Pro, including ten methods such as running and walking, fat-burning running, endurance running, interval running, etc., and there are special AI coaches to accompany the running intelligently. Experience scientific and intuitive running guidance on the bracelet.

In addition, the wristband has also added the function of “vitality value.” The bracelet can be converted into a vitality score based on the individual’s medium-to-high intensity activities within seven days, which can evaluate the current user’s vitality status. When the vitality value reaches 100, there will be a Visible health-improving effect.

With this function, we can comprehensively understand our health status, get rid of the troubles of sub-health, and move towards health at any time.

3. For the first time, support somatosensory games

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 supports somatosensory games for the first time, and it is linked with the built-in iDong Fighting World course content of the Xiaomi Sports Health APP to provide simple and fun boxing somatosensory interactive courses and exercise the body during the playing process.

Moreover, the boxing somatosensory interaction also provides three courses: novice, basic and advanced, gradually increasing the exercise intensity.

4. The first necklace mode and running bean mode

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 can be said to have created a new way of wearing a bracelet. In addition to wearing it on the standard wrist, it can be worn around the neck as a necklace through additional accessories. This is a bracelet that immediately becomes an exquisite decoration.

It can even be tied to shoelaces. At this time, the bracelet instantly transforms into a professional running coach, providing correct running guidance and correcting running posture to the user during the running process.

However, it should be noted that accessories for necklace mode and running bean mode need to be purchased separately.


Xiaomi Mi Band 8 uses the same screen as the previous generation, a 1.62-inch retina-level AMOLED display, with a more delicate color display, higher brightness, and a very impressive screen-to-body ratio.

At the same time, a new light sensor is added inside this high-screen-to-body ratio screen, so the bracelet can automatically adjust the brightness of the adaptive environment, and the first Apollo 4 Blue Lite chip supports a 60Hz refresh rate; animations are better.

The most distinctive feature of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is that it is the first to use a metal material for the middle frame. This texture immediately comes up, giving the bracelet a high-end flavor.

The bottom of the bracelet is a high-precision health monitoring sensor, the top is two charging magnetic contacts, and the top and bottom are equipped with two quick-release buckles, which are convenient for users to disassemble and replace the strap with one click. The default dial of Mi Band 8 adopts the runway style, and the displayed runway data will change with the data of the day, and there are no buttons at the bottom, which is the same as the previous generation, using the operation logic of gesture sliding.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 also supports Alipay and WeChat offline payment. You don’t need to bring your mobile phone when shopping, and you can pay by raising your wrist, which is very convenient.

The Mi Band 8 package has a magnetic charger, a manual, and a watch strap.

Dial Themes

1. Dial

Mi Band 8 has a rich built-in dial system, and the overall number reaches hundreds. You can choose whatever type of dial you like.

The most surprising and speechless thing is that Xiaomi Mi Band 8 has added four game dials, and you can play simple games when the screen is locked. What kind of bored users is this prepared for?

If you bought the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 and didn’t play the four games of “Little Man Crossing the Bridge,” “Who Is the Scholar,” “Shooting Talent,” and “2048”, then you may have bought this bracelet for nothing.


“Shooting Master”: On the lock screen interface, drag the ball to move the ball. After releasing the hand, it will proceed with the starting position as the ejection direction. When it hits the wall, it will rebound. One point will be added after the ball enters the goal. Otherwise, one point will be subtracted, all three points will be deducted, and the game ends.

Villain crossing the bridge

“Little Man Crossing the Bridge”: Press and hold the screen to summon the telescopic pole. After letting go, the bar will fall to the bridge pier, and the villain will pass the bridge smoothly. If the dock does not reach the position of the bridge pier or exceeds the bridge pier, the villain will fail to fall.

No more talking; experience it yourself.

2. Mobile payment

Mobile payment is already an essential capability of the bracelet, and Xiaomi Mi Band 8 supports Alipay and WeChat offline payment.

3. MIUI interconnection

Through the Miaoxiang Center of the bracelet, you can control the status of mobile phones and earphones, including volume and song adjustments.

In addition, when wearing Mi Band 8 for indoor exercise, the data can be projected to Mi TV in real-time so that you can watch fitness courses while watching dramas, satisfying girls’ unique experience of fitness/weight loss in entertainment.

Sports and Health

1. Heart rate, blood oxygen, and pressure monitoring  The essential function of the bracelet is health monitoring. Xiaomi Mi Band 8 supports data monitoring of heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and stress around the clock.

At the same time, its exercise monitoring mode is further enhanced, supporting up to 150+ exercise modes, and the corresponding exercise algorithm has also been upgraded to support professional exercise algorithms such as maximum oxygen uptake, recovery time, and exercise effects. Through the data monitoring of the PPG biosensor, the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 can monitor the heart rate around the clock and detect atrial fibrillation. When an abnormal situation is detected, it will send out a vibration reminder to warn. The heart rate fluctuation of the user at this time is strange.

Blood oxygen saturation is an important physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle, representing the ability of blood to carry and transport oxygen. The average blood oxygen saturation of the human body is above 95%. The higher the oxygen content in the blood, the better the person’s metabolism.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 smart bracelet automatically triggers the blood oxygen measurement every 5 minutes, thus ensuring all-weather intelligent blood oxygen saturation monitoring.

At the same time, we can also set the blood oxygen reminder value in the “Xiaomi Sports Health APP” to view the highest, lowest, and average values ​​of the blood oxygen saturation of the day. When the blood oxygen concentration is detected to be lower than the set value, the device will Remind us in the form of a vibration + window pop-up so that we can adjust our physical condition in real time.

Mi Band 8 supports all-weather stress detection; whether standing, sitting, lying down, resting, exercising, or walking, it can easily measure real-time stress conditions.

In the APP, you can see the pressure distribution map of the day. It is evident when the pressure is high at a glance, and it is also convenient for us to look back in real time.

Sleep monitoring

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 can monitor the quality of breathing and sleep in real-time and accurately measure the ratio of deep sleep, light sleep, and rapid eye movement.

During the test, the average heart rate fluctuation and the average blood oxygen saturation value during sleep can also be recorded.

With the help of the Xiaomi Sports Health APP, we can check the sleep quality and health indicators of last night. A slow heart rate or low blood oxygen content during sleep will be marked in the APP, which reminds us to adjust our physical condition in real-time.

Motion monitoring

Mi Band 8 has comprehensive sports monitoring capabilities, supports up to 150+ sports modes, rich sports mode selection, and sports display.

In addition to everyday indoor and outdoor cycling, running, walking, and other sports modes, Xiaomi Mi Band 8 supports 16 kinds of water sports, 14 kinds of dance sports, 12 kinds of fighting sports, 26 kinds of ball games, as well as ice and snow, chess and cards, Equestrian, track and field, racing, and many other relatively unpopular sports modes.

As long as you can think of it, it has almost all of them. No matter what industry you are in, there are eight types of Mi Band, and there is always a type of exercise that suits you.

Taking the most common outdoor cycling as an example, you can see that during the exercise, the bracelet will record the current riding time, riding distance, and heart rate status, and you can also see the real-time speed, Average speed, and calories burned.

To avoid the tedious exercise, Xiaomi Mi Band 8 can control the music playback of the mobile phone by swiping left on the interface with the help of a Bluetooth connection. The music can be switched at will, and the sound can be adjusted at will. The process of exercise is no longer tedious.

After the exercise, we can view the exercise data and heart rate changes in real-time in the bracelet, and finally give the training effect (aerobic training and anaerobic training), and we can see more detailed data in the APP.

The movement trajectory, calories burned, average speed, and average heart rate data during cycling, as the real-time fluctuation of heart rate and moderate pace per kilometer, has a more detailed understanding of our sports.

Secondly, Xiaomi Mi Band 8 combines the recorded data to calculate the effect of our aerobic and anaerobic training and show it in sports performance, paving the way for our future sports plans.

In addition, it should be noted that a high-precision navigation system cannot be integrated into such a small-sized bracelet, so the mobile phone needs to be turned on for auxiliary recording of the trajectory during exercise.

Finally, Xiaomi Mi Band 8 also added a light sensor. When the automatic brightness adjustment is turned on, the inside of the screen will monitor the external light and adjust the brightness in real-time, avoiding the cumbersome operation that requires manual brightness adjustment. Exercise can also see the data displayed on the screen.

Featured function experience

1. Vitality value

One of the most distinctive features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is that it will convert a person’s medium-to-high intensity activities within seven days into a vitality score, which can evaluate the current user’s vitality status.

Like the previous PAI, the vitality value evaluates the positive impact of personal activities on health. When the accumulated vitality value reaches 100 in the past seven days, there is a noticeable health improvement effect.

In the Xiaomi Sports Health APP, the vitality value will be displayed in the form of a histogram, which is convenient for us to compare with the previous day, and carefully gives an overview of the vitality value from the next goal.

2. Wrist Running Course

Mi Band 8 has added a running course on the wrist, flawlessly migrating the first function of Mi Band 7 Pro.

On the wristband, you can initiate essential running-walking combination, advanced running-walking combination, basic jogging, basic fat-burning run, advanced fat-burning run, MIIT fat-burning run, necessary aerobic endurance running, developed aerobic endurance running; There are a total of 10 running courses, including basic interval running and advanced interval running.

We can choose a suitable running course, and when the positioning is successful, we will start detailed exercise guidance.

Each course sets different exercise times, recommended heart rate range, and prompts through the bright screens and vibration, which can provide more scientific and intuitive running guidance. During exercise, we can view the current exercise stage in real-time, including real-time. The heart rate and exercise time are displayed, and the recommended heart rate value is attached to adjust the exercise status in real-time.

After the exercise, information such as exercise time, distance, exercise data, and heart rate range will be displayed on the Mi Band 8. However, since the display area of ​​the bracelet is relatively tiny, viewing all the data on the mobile phone is recommended.

In the Xiaomi Sports Health APP, we can more intuitively see the duration, distance, and average pace of fast and slow walking and real-time fluctuations of heart rate, speed, stride frequency, stride length, and sports performance, all-around display—our sports data.

3. Somatosensory interaction

For the first time, Xiaomi Mi Band 8 supports linkage with the built-in iDong Fighting World course content of the Xiaomi Sports Health APP, providing a variety of courses for fighting training and using multiple sensors in the bracelet to achieve the effect of simulating fighting.

In the training interface, the training courses are divided according to the four items of entry, basic, advanced, and challenge, and training plans are also provided, which are divided according to different physical fitness.

During the training process, a video will be recorded by a live coach to guide the whole process. According to the specific motion graphics in the video, the corresponding punching action will be made according to the rhythm, from which you can experience a rich and exciting boxing game. In the experience, it is a bit like an AR rhythm master—A feeling of.

After the training, you will see the training time, average heart rate, calories consumed, maximum punching strength, and hit rate. You can proceed to the advanced course training when you reach a certain standard. Strengthening exercise in the game is also a very novel way of exercise.

At the same time, in the Xiaomi Sports Health APP, we can see detailed training reports, including real-time changes in heart rate, distribution of training stages, and training performance.


The Xiaomi Mi Band 8 can be regarded as a standard version of the bracelet with the functions of the Pro version decentralized, realizing more complete and professional tasks at a lower price.

It can be said that Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is very close to a smartwatch in terms of sports experience, sports monitoring ability, and comprehensive data display.

Game dial, boxing somatosensory interaction, vitality value… Some new features of this generation of Mi Band make Mi Band 8 the most fun Mi Band.

Overall, although there is no significant change in appearance between Mi Band 8 and the previous generation Mi Band 7, from experience, the variety of gameplay, and professional sports guidance provided by this generation Mi Band 8, It has not lost or even surpassed most smartwatches.

In addition, its newly added light sensor also allows the bracelet to have the ability to adjust brightness adaptively so that the screen can be seen clearly at any time, no matter what kind of sports scene it is in.

For such a Xiaomi Mi Band 8 with comprehensive health management and sports experience that is not inferior to the flagship smartwatch, whether it is a young group who pursues fashion trends or an athlete who follows professional sports, it will be within the 200 yuan range. Experience one of the best smart bracelets.

If you need to renew your bracelet, this generation of Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is the unavoidable choice.

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