Xiaomi Mi Max 4 Real Phone Exposed: Snapdragon 720, With Full Screen


In the current mobile phone market, large-screen mobile phones are rare, and Xiaomi and Huawei are two relatively good manufacturers of large-screen mobile phones, and this year’s Xiaomi Mi MAX 3’s performance is also being squandered by many consumers. Xiaomi is naturally aware of this problem, and Xiaomi is also preparing to make changes on the Xiaomi Mi MAX 4. According to the recent stage of exposure, the upgrade of Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 is mainly focused on hardware configuration and the appearance of the Mi Mix 4 changes. Not too big, but the foreign media also gives the real phone rendering of Xiaomi Mi MAX 4, this time the new Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 will look like it!

Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 will adopt the current mainstream design scheme. Although it is the mainstream comprehensive screen design scheme, the new phone does not adopt the design of Notch and the digging screen. The positive effect of the new machine continues the style of Xiaomi Mi MAX 3. The upper and lower foreheads of the new machine have been narrowed slightly, and the proportion of the front screen of the whole Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 has not been significantly improved. It can only be said that it is barely in line with the demand.

In the back design of the new phone, Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 ushered in the glass material body for the first time, the effect of the back of the phone is also the mainstream level, the back is also equipped with the rear three-shot combination for the first time, three shots are arranged vertically, located In the upper left corner of the fuselage, the back of the fuselage will continue to carry the rear fingerprint recognition, but it is still not clear whether the machine adopts the rear fingerprint or the side fingerprint. In the overall design of the new phone, Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 retains the design of the Xiaomi family. The appearance of the whole machine looks very stunning and the effect is quite outstanding.

Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 will be the first mid-range processor Snapdragon 720. The specific performance of this processor has not been exposed. This news is very different from the previous news of the Snapdragon 660, but in the light of Xiaomi To create a new MAX series, a new processor should be essential, so it is still more likely to be a Snapdragon 720. In the memory combination of the Xiaomi Mi MAX 4, Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 will start with a 6GB+64GB memory combination, and the new machine will have a 6GB+128GB version. This kind of memory combination is also very mainstream. In the camera of the phone, the machine uses a dual camera combination of 12MP+5MP and a 12-megapixel camera on the front camera of the new Xiaomi Mi MAX 4. In other configurations of the new machine, the new Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 will support features such as face recognition and NFC.

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Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 will be released in the second quarter of next year. The specific release time of the new Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 has not yet been confirmed, Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 is very likely to debut in May next year. In terms of the price of the new Xiaomi Mi MAX 4, the new Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 will be very cost-effective. the starting price of the new Xiaomi Mi MAX 4 will be 1999 yuan ($290.21), and the price is very competitive. Forced, but its final price will have to wait for the press conference to be further confirmed.

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