Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Unboxing Review: Exquisite Packaging, Comes With a Phone Case


Recently, at the Xiaomi 5G new product launch conference held in Beijing, Xiaomi officially launched the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha 5G Concept Phone. This phone uses a 180.6% screen-wide surround screen, supports full Netcom 5G dual card, 100 Megapixel three-camera, priced at 19999 yuan ($2807.98).

Today, Xiaomi official brought the out-of-the-box video of Xiaomi MIX Alpha. As you can see in the video, the black box of Xiaomi MIX Alpha is very delicate and has the words “MIX Alpha” printed on it. Open the box and greet the carton with the instructions. The surface has a gold “α” letter and a small MIX logo on the bottom and bottom.

Below it, it is the protagonist of the out of the box video – Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone. Xiaomi MIX Alpha uses a complete surround screen with a screen ratio of 180.6%. The phone cancels the phone’s handset, front camera, side buttons, and the chin and forehead only retain 2.15 mm of space.

The side of the Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone displays battery power, system-related information, and notification information. The antennas on both sides are driven by dual display chips, both of which support pressure sensing and a built-in side linear motor. The entire screen uses a layered fit and a screw-in assembly technique. At the same time, flexible screen fingerprint, ultrasonic distance sensing, and other technologies.

For various scenarios, Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha will also switch according to the actual situation of the user. In addition, the screen can be switched automatically after the phone is flipped. In addition, there is a light application center on the back of the Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone, users can customize calendar, weather, system status, and other information and applications as needed.

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In addition, Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha box comes with charger, adapter and data cable, as well as Xiaomi MIX Alpha official mobile phone case. The Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha case is designed with a flip cover, and the back part only covers the material part of the back of the camera module, showing an I-shape.

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