Xiaomi Mi Play Review: Design, Hardware, Features, And Camera (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi Mi Play, which is called “the most wanted Christmas gift”, has been released for nearly a week. I believe that even if you don’t have time to watch the conference, you will know the “free traffic” of Xiaomi Play. But what about Xiaomi Mi Play? How to play free traffic? Tianmei has sorted out some of the problems that you may have and may be able to solve the doubts.

Design & Appearance

In addition to Xiaomi’s first drop-screen design phone, the appearance of Xiaomi Play is nothing special. The 5.84-inch 1080p LCD screen is only the size of a 5.1-inch phone, and the overall feel is very small. In terms of color, in addition to the traditional pure black color, there are also two kinds of trend gradient designs of Dream Blue and Shuguang Gold.

The gradient design is still very attractive. The first thing that needs to be clear is that if you want to have a high-end mobile phone, you should add money to buy another model, or don’t worry about the Xiaomi Play that is positioned by the thousand yuan ($145.58) machine.

Hardware & Performance

Specifically, Xiaomi Play is equipped with MediaTek Helio P35 processor, adding GPU, CPU dual Turbo technology, equipped with 4GB memory +64GB storage, battery capacity is 3000mAh, the overall configuration is relatively low-end, the new machine takes the reaction speed and optimization It’s not bad, but as the usage time increases, the post-cache cleanup and optimization is still a problem.

Ann Bunny evaluation running score shows 86400 points, of which CPU 40552 points, GPU 13536 points.

Although running the score does not fully explain the problem, this score does not occupy any advantage, as a backup Phone can still be considered.


Xiaomi Play rear camera with 12 Megapixel main camera + 2 Megapixels blur, front 8 Megapixel camera, support AI beauty. From the actual measurement point of view, Xiaomi Mi Play integrates the advantages of Xiaomi mobile phone very well. The background blur and the background blur under the portrait shooting are relatively excellent, and the nighttime camera noise control is still quite old. Take a few real shots to see.

Self-contained traffic can be said to be the biggest selling point of Xiaomi Mi Play. As with previous guesses, Xiaomi Mi Play comes with a flow card. If users want to use a flow card, they need to open the Xiaomi mobile app in the mobile phone under the network connection, click “Activate my Millet Play”, press the prompt to scan the barcode on the back of the card, insert the phone card with the completion of the selection and real-name authentication, you can open the card, after the card is completed, select “Double card and mobile network – Internet – Xiaomi mobile” in the settings, You can start enjoying the traffic privilege.

Free traffic refers to 10GB of monthly traffic for one year from the date of activation, free of charge for one year. However, it should be noted that after 10GB is used, 1 Mbps network speed service is provided for 10-20 GB in the month of the gift period, and 256 Kbps network speed service is provided after 20 GB.

According to Xiaomi’s official instructions, after the end of the gift period, it will be automatically changed to Xiaomi Mobile’s “eat full” Unicom package, which is 9 yuan per month for fixed tariffs, one day for one-way traffic, and monthly usage flow rate of 20GB for the speed limit to 1Mbps. After reaching 100GB in total, the Internet speed limit is 256Kbps, and the 4G Internet rate is restored in the next month.


According to the information at the press conference, Xiaomi and MediaTek have joined the CPU Turbo intelligent acceleration technology and GPU Turbo image rendering multi-threading technology to make the performance of the processor more powerful, so the Xiaomi Play is compared with the mobile phone of the same price. The effect of playing the game will be much better.

The actual measurement found that the “Glory of the King” high frame rate mode is basically maintained at 50-60 frames, the overall picture quality and smoothness are not much problem, but “Jesus Survival: Stimulate the Battlefield” is slightly more general, the game process is slightly more And it is prone to vertigo, and the screen will affect the visual effect relatively small.


The first is the size. Nowadays, the screens of mobile phones of various manufacturers are getting bigger and bigger, but it is still the pursuit of small screens. Xiaomi Play uses a 5.84-inch water drop screen and weighs only 150g, which is very convenient to control. Secondly, Xiaomi Play retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is very convenient for most users who like to play games and listen to songs. After all, there are too many times to charge while plugging in headphones. Finally, the interface of Xiaomi Play is also Micro USB instead of the latest Type-C. The included charger specification is 5V/2A, which means that Xiaomi Play will not support fast charging, which is “accidental” to a bit People are uncomfortable.

To say that the most current traffic is the video game, but the configuration of Xiaomi Play, it is still difficult to play games, so there is always a feeling that there is no way to play well, but after all, it is a thousand yuan machine. Configuration, cannot be too high, maybe a mobile hotspot for some users.

For rice noodles, if you want the performance of this phone, it may be a bit difficult. After all, the running score is only 86,000. Although it is the brand of Xiaomi, it is more like the configuration of redmi.

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Verdict & Availability

Rather than saying “buy a mobile phone to send traffic”, it is better to say “buy traffic to mobile phone”. Xiaomi Play not only satisfies the needs of Xiaomi’s own virtual carrier business but also satisfies the pursuit of enthusiasts who want to change their mobile phones in one year. In addition, the water drop screen, the gradual fuselage also achieve the latest design, the positioning of the Xiaomi Mi Play entry machine is still very accurate.

The Xiaomi Mi Play does not fight the price/performance ratio but attracts users through additional selling points. It is still innovative, but if it is heavy use of mobile phones or game players, it is still necessary to consider carefully. At present, most of the Xiaomi Mi Play on the market are used as spare machines or as old-age machines. If you don’t use Xiaomi Play as a daily heavy-duty model, you can still start. Right now you can buy it from Geekbuying at 199.99usd for 4GB 64GB version with coupon code: ELCKWJOI


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