Xiaomi Mi Watch SE Will Launch In India On September 29


Chinese Apple also has a special place in the market of smartwatches. However, its Xiaomi Mi Watch Color smartwatch, which was unveiled in late 2019, is still only sold in its home country. Xiaomi Mi Watch Color, round body, and in China it is only at the beginning of January the price of $115 sold. Now the manufacturer has decided to launch it on the world market as well. The watch will be released under the name Xiaomi Mi Watch SE or Mi Watch Revolve.

The company’s Indian division has officially announced that the first presentation of the gadget outside of China will take place on September 29. In this country, it is marketed as a Mi Watch Revolve or Mi Watch SE model.

It can be expected that this smartwatch will later be released in the markets of other countries under the same name and Xiaomi Mi Watch SE or Mi Watch Revolve price is expected to be higher than in China, but it is not clear how much it will cost. By the way, seeing the global name of the smartwatch, do you also remember the cheap and youthful Apple Watch SE model that the Cupertino company unveiled yesterday?

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