Xiaomi Mijia Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 1C Released: Only For $141.92


Recently, Xiaomi has launched a new vacuum cleaner. The meter is equipped with a wireless vacuum cleaner 1C, 120AW suction power + multi-cone cyclone filtering, only 999 yuan, then how effective? Let’s take a look. Yan value is the first choice for many people to buy things. This time, the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C is no different from the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner in appearance. It continues the simple design style of Mijia products, “one white to the world”, workmanship No burrs and chromatic aberrations were found. It is still the traditional matte white texture of the Mi family. The addition of orange makes the wireless vacuum cleaner more flexible and very beautiful. After unpacking the outer packaging, we saw that the accessories of the MiC handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C can be said to be quite rich. It includes an adjustable two-in-one brush, two-in-one flat suction, electric mites brush, and electric soft velvet roller brush and an extension rod, as well as a convenient storage stand and charger.

Among them, the electric soft fleece brush head is suitable for hard floors, such as ceramic tiles, wooden floors, etc., and short velvet carpets can also be used. According to official data, the electric mites brush has a sputum rate of 99%, and the large suction can deeply clean the mites, hair, and dust in the fabric furniture. For the shovel officer who likes to keep cats in Xiaobian, there is no need to worry about the hair falling from the bed and the sofa. It is very convenient to clean.

The two-in-one gap tip is mainly used for cleaning the gaps of various types of furniture, or the suction keyboard is completely ok. If you use a two-in-one brush, you can clean it like a bookcase, a tabletop, a sofa, etc. It can be said that the four tips of the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C cover almost all the scenes of cleaning and dust removal in daily life, and the utility is very high.

In addition, the H12 HEPA filter and metal mesh filter of the MiC handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C can be washed to reduce the maintenance cost. When we use the vacuum cleaner to store it, we can directly hang it on the attached storage bracket. The bracket can also hang two common tips, and make a small suggestion. If the storage rack is not screwed, it will fall. The frame should be more convenient. After all, no one wants to have two holes on the wall. For a vacuum cleaner, there is nothing more important than suction. Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C equipped with 10W rpm high-speed brushless motor, coupled with 120AW high suction power, has strong suction of 20KPa, no problem for all kinds of a clean environment.

Compared with the 100AW machine suction of the wireless vacuum cleaner, the MiC handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C actually achieved 120AW suction power, and the main suction is mainly because of the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C adopts a multi-cone cyclone design. The multi-cone cyclone filtration system can effectively remove large particles into the bottom of the dust cup to achieve dust separation and keep the air passage from being blocked.

At the same time, Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C special air duct design, can guide the strong wind pressure to the power group instantaneously, dissipating the core part of the work heat, keeping the power constant is equal to maintaining the lasting stability of the suction.

The data is beautiful, as consumers still have to look at the actual results. We sprinkled some cereal scraps, mung beans, paper towels and other mixed garbage on the wooden floor, and opened the rice vacuum cleaner 1C to the maximum file (inhalation of mung bean and other objects or the maximum file is more appropriate), with the ground brush, from This mixed garbage are swept over.

Unsurprisingly, the place where the wireless home vacuum cleaner 1C passed was swept away without any debris left. No need to drag the brush, push it straight forward, very convenient. In the hard-to-clean area of ​​the sofa gap, we recommend using a 2-in-1 brush, of course, a flat section. Just suck it, what paper towels, chips and other pieces can be easily absorbed.

In terms of dumping garbage, it is also very convenient for Mijia to hold the wireless vacuum cleaner 1C. The trash can be dumped directly by pressing the snap button under the dust box, without removing the dust box. In addition, in the low-end, Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner 1C battery life can be up to about 1 hour, this battery life is generally no exception for the cleaning of the room size of about 100 square meters.

It can be said that the Mijia Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner 1C is priced at 999 yuan, Xiaobian feels quite sincere. The overall product has no obvious shortcomings in terms of workmanship and uses effect. It may be that in terms of weight, the net weight of 3.3kg is difficult for girls to absorb dust at high places, and one hand is impossible. Therefore, men are the time for you to play POWER. Other aspects, such as convenient storage and rich accessories, make it very easy to use. As a clean home appliance, it has always been a very important thing for Xiaobian. After all, it is something you use every day. If you want good quality and don’t want to spend too much money, you can consider the wireless vacuum cleaner 1C.

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