Xiaomi Mijia T200 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Officially Released


Xiaomi has launched the Mijia Soundwave electric toothbrush T200, which it claims is a full-effect gingival protection and deep tooth cleaning in one piece and costs 79 yuan.

It uses a small round brush head suitable for sensitive mouth, deep into the mouth to clean back teeth, using 0.15mm Dupont soft hair antibacterial silk, in line with FDA food contact level standards. The multiple grinding round of the tip is higher than the national standard, combined with the soft horizontal micro-swing of the brush head, which can not only clean efficiently but also protect gingival gently.

Its volume is also smaller than the common electric toothbrush, the bottom diameter of only 23mm, small and slim, comfortable grip light, friendly novice. Travel to save space, say goodbye to hotel inferior toothbrush.

With standard mode and gentle mode two modes, better for different cleaning needs of the crowd, more easy to help you scientific teeth cleaning.

Acoustic wave dynamic frequency refresh, micro motor vibration brush 31000 times per minute, deep teeth cleaning hard strength.

Magnetic levitation motor provides acoustic power. In the cleaning mode, vibrating the tooth surface will make the toothpaste paste become dense microbubbles, which gather at the tip of the bristles. The collapse of the microbubbles will generate energy to wash the tooth space, clean the tooth space, and effectively reduce dental plaque.

Type-c charging, universal charging at any time, a full charge can last for 25 days, easy to use.

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Soak in 1m deep water for 30 minutes, it can still run normally after taking out, reaching the safety waterproof level of the whole machine, avoiding leakage of electricity and water.


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