Xiaomi MiJia Treadmill Officially Released at 2,499 yuan, $390


Xiaomi Civi’s new product release conference this afternoon, in addition to this naturally good-looking new mobile phone, also brought a lot of smart ecological products, including mijia treadmill.

Mijia Treadmill appearance using minimalist folding design, one person can easily complete storage and placement, through a knob to unlock can quickly complete folding, folding thickness is only 19.2cm, with rollers, when not easy to receive.

The device also has a 480mm*250mm large running area, the pace is not limited, running more smoothly. The running platform adopts seven-story structure with super shock absorption effect. Soft rubber running belt to strengthen friction and resilience, effective knee protection to avoid injury.

Mijia treadmill built-in 1.25HP large torque low noise motor, stable output surging power at the same time, greatly reduce the running noise, so that the whole family can enjoy the fun of sports.

According to reports, Mijia treadmill supports intelligent speed regulation, known as running private education at home, which can support collaborative wearable device linkage perception. Users only need to equip a wearable device and start the treadmill, open the Mi wearable APP, link the heart rate data, monitor exercise performance, and present more accurate and comprehensive data.

At the same time, users do not need manual operation at all, just need to start the treadmill, it can automatically activate the wearable device into the exercise mode, synchronous detection data, real-time data synchronization, and even through the heart rate data intelligently adjust the speed, maintain the best heart rate range, more effective fat burning.

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In addition, Mijia treadmill also supports intelligent linkage with the whole house, including TV, air conditioner, air purifier, speaker and other intelligent products can automatically respond to the running status of the treadmill, providing a more comfortable exercise environment and atmosphere. The price is 2,499 yuan, now officially available, from September 27 to September 28 limited time gift mi band 6 NFC version.


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