Xiaomi Mijia Washing Machine Mini Released With a Starting Price of $170


Previously Xiaomi announced that it will release a “second washing machine for young people” that can wash personal clothes (underwear) and so on. So, today is the day when Xiaomi officially launched this product at the Civi new product launch. This washing machine is called Mijia Washing Machine Mini, which will go on sale at 10 a.m. on October 1st, with a starting price of 1099 yuan (about $170) and its reservations are now begun.

As a dedicated washing machine for personal clothes, Xiaomi Mijia Washing Machine Mini provides 4 temperature modes to choose from to meet the needs of different laundry scenes. Among them, high-temperature cooking with the highest water temperature of 90°C can effectively remove bacteria, and the water temperature of 60°C can remove mites and sterilize. The water temperature of 40°C is suitable for the efficient removal of stubborn stains. At room temperature, it can protect the original luster of the clothes and protect the clothes from damage.

According to professional inspections, the Mijia Washing Machine Mini can effectively remove the three major molds hidden in underwear at a water temperature of 60°C. Among them, the removal rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli under the pasteurization washing mode is up to 99.99%, the removal rate of Candida albicans in underwear washing mode reaches 99.3%.

The Xiaomi Mijia Washing Machine Mini can also deeply kill the mites hidden in clothes and remove pollen allergens through high-powered water flow and high-temperature heating at 60°C. According to professional testing, the Mijia Washing Machine Mini has a mite removal rate of 99.9% and a pollen allergen removal rate of 99.8% at 60°C water temperature and baby wash mode, effectively reducing allergies caused by unwashed clothes.

From the appearance point of view, the Mijia washing machine Mini inherits the simple and white “Mi-Look” design language of Xiaomi products. The desktop design is small and covers an area of ​​only 0.16 square meters. Restrooms and balconies can be placed freely, not only saving space but also versatile. Home scene. There is a fully hidden touch screen on the top of the washing machine, which can perform a one-key operation on a variety of programs, which is very convenient.

The Xiaomi Mijia Washing Machine Mini has a gold capacity of 1kg, which is suitable for changing and washing personal clothes. It can wash 1 set of fitness clothe, 4 sets of baby clothes, 2 sets of base clothes, or 10 towels at a time, which can satisfy single or family users for personal clothes, who daily change and washing needs.

At the same time, Mijia Washing Machine Mini has as many as 16 built-in washing and care programs, including underwear washing, baby washing, pasteurizing washing, towel washing, silk washing, and other modes. Among them, quick washing can wash the clothes of the day in 24 minutes. 10 kinds of special stains washing, for baby food, soil stains, chocolate stains, collars, cooking stains, etc., provide different professional washing programs.

As a link in the Xiaomi ecological chain, the smart experience brought by the Mijia Washing Machine Mini is also excellent. It not only supports the Mijia APP control and the voice control of Xiao Ai, the interconnection of smart home devices, but also the OTA online system upgrade. Come to the smart experience of “washing clothes just by saying a word”.

Users can make reservations for washing through Xiao Ai, issue washing program instructions, and query the remaining washing time and other operations. After the laundry is over, Xiao Ai can give voice prompts, the smart drying rack on the balcony will automatically drop, and the lights will automatically turn on to facilitate the collection of clothes.

In addition, Xiaomi Mijia Washing Machine Mini has added many thoughtful functional designs. For example, the double-layer lid design prevents users from being burned by high temperatures during use. The bottom surface adds a gripping position for easy handling and movement. The bottom is equipped with a non-slip silicone pad to ensure stable operation without shifting.

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