Xiaomi MIUI Global Search Internal Test Has Now Begun


According to the Xiaomi community, the internal test of Xiaomi MIUI Global Search launched, which mainly focuses on the local search function and it will be fully upgraded in terms of visual design, functional interaction, and algorithm recommendation. More convenient and better global search.

The new version of Xiaomi MIUI Global Search will display more local information in terms of function and vision, add an in-app search module, and provide a quick entry based on the user’s input.

[New Highlights]

Function & Vision

  •  The local module displays more local information, such as my favorites, search in the application, etc.;
  •  The search results of this machine are displayed in a modular manner, and the presentation effect is clearer; at the same time, the “horizontal display” is changed to “vertical display”, which is more convenient and comfortable for sliding operation;
  •  The newly added in-app search module will provide quick access to applications that may need to be redirected according to your input words, reducing the complicated operation of app switching, and the operation is done in one step.

Algorithm Recommendation

  • The resulting sorting is smarter, combining your different needs to be smart, and the most needed result is ranked at the top.
  • The local results are richer, providing the most comprehensive local search results.

However, the main thing is that as the new version of Xiaomi MIUI Global Search is still being optimized, some unknown experience problems may be brought about during the experience of the new version. To ensure that the use of the mobile phone is not affected, users should back up relevant data.

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