Xiaomi New Mid-Range Phone Gauguin Leaked with 100 Million Pixel


Today’s New Mi phone model M2007J17C has been granted access to the network.

The new Mi phone, codenamed Gauguin, featuring a 108MP camera, will be Xiaomi’s cheapest 100mp phone, according to blogger @dchat.

According to leaks, the 100-megapixel phone may be owned by the Redmi brand. If it’s a new Redmi phone, it will be Redmi’s first 100-megapixel phone.

Xiaomi MI10, Xiaomi MI10 Pro, Xiaomi MI CC9 Pro and other models all use 100 million pixels, and the main camera is jointly developed by Samsung and Xiaomi. It has a Sensor area of 1/1.33 inch, and the Sensor area is fully twice as large as 48 million sensors.

As we know, the larger the sensor size is, the larger the photosensitive area is, so that the more photos captured, the better the photosensitive performance brings, the better the imaging effect has.

In addition to 100 million pixels, the biggest suspense about the phone is the specific model.

The new product that Redmi brand has not yet released is Redmi Note 10 series, so it is easy to associate the new model with Redmi Note 10 series.

The previous Redmi new M2007J22C is thought to be Redmi Note 10, leading to speculation that the M2007J17C model may be Redmi Note 10 Pro. The new phone is expected to debut around October.


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