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The Xiaomi OSOTEK H100 Pro is the first to offer the option of heating the water in its tank to improve the cleaning result. Today I discovered the next model that works with the same technology. We’re talking about the OSOTEK H100 Pro, a mop that can clean with hot water and refill the tank in its base station.

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The design of the H100 Pro is unique. The manufacturer has opted for a body that, to a certain extent, is reminiscent of traditional models but gives it a modern aesthetic and integrates an LED screen from which you can consult information related to the operation of the vacuum cleaner, such as the mode of use, the remaining battery percentage, among other data. With a single touch, the intelligent base station supplies hot water to the vacuum cleaner without waiting. Get a quick clean whenever you need it.


The Xiaomi H100 Pro integrates an intelligent infrared sensor that detects the type of dirt to be treated and immediately selects a suitable cleaning mode to finish it off. The interesting thing is that it incorporates a system called SuperThermal that allows it to heat the water in this second tank up to 92 °C — maintaining a constant temperature of 60 °C — to scrub floors and remove even the most stubborn stains.

Working Mode

The operating mode of the machine is a very simple three gears: automatic mode, water absorption mode, and strong mode. In automatic mode, the way will be switched according to the amount of garbage according to the infrared sensor on the front of the vacuum cleaner.


The roller brush has a delicate brush configuration, which is suitable for cleaning dust. The rotation speed is 1000r/min. It has a good cleaning ability with a suction power of 12000Pa. The battery capacity is 4000mAh. The official battery life is 35 minutes, and the charging time is 4 hours.

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