Xiaomi Released MIJia Ultra Air Purifier: 7-layer Purifying, Formaldehyde Digital Display


Xiaomi MiJia has launched Ultra, a full-effect air purifier, which is billed as “true Ultra, reinventing technology” and is priced at 4,799 yuan, $672.

According to the introduction, this product design comes from FOUR-LEAF clover, using four curved streamline design, equipped with 4.3 inches LCD large color screen, it can do real-time view air data, the bottom has the universal casters for convenient movement, the drawer type has filter design for convenient replacement.

Ultra, a full-effect air purifier, is jointly built by Xiaomi and Chinese Academy of Sciences. It innovates and develops “aldehyde solution” aldehyde removal technology. The catalytic aldehydetic filter element equipped with this technology can completely decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide, without secondary pollution release and without replacement.

The new product has 7 layers of purification capacity, including initial effect filter screen, durable filter element, high-energy plasma field, carbon array, catalytic aldehyde-lysis filter element, UV and UV module, self-cleaning filter element.

According to official data, the purifier has 99.99% virus removal rate, 1 hour formaldehyde removal rate up to 99.05%, formaldehyde concentration will reach 0.01mg/ cubic meter, formaldehyde purification rate of 400 cubic meters/hour.

At the same time, equipped with the solid-state formaldehyde sensor imported from Switzerland, equipped with thousandth formaldehyde true digital display, accurate monitoring anti-interference, purification effect is clearly visible.

In addition, the full effect air purifier Ultra uses American Kimberley filter paper, high dust capacity, leaving small and large particle pollution, low wind resistance, and release clean air.

Built-in German EBM DC fan, it can open 24 hours, every minute output of clean air 12500L, 17 minutes to purify 90 square meters of space.

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With four groups of high-energy plasma generators and the UV lamp group can be infiltrated to continuously eliminate viruses and bacteria attached to the filter element, remove harmful gases and odor, and keep the filter element clean.


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