Xiaomi Releases the Mijia Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2 Slim at 799 yuan, $111


Xiaomi has launched its wireless vacuum cleaner 2 Slim, which is available for pre-order and will go on sale on December 12, with a pre-order price of 799 yuan and a debut price of 699 yuan.

Slim adopts gun-like design to avoid air obstruction and smooth air inlet, thus increasing the suction efficiency of the whole machine and reducing energy loss.

It is equipped with high speed strong motor, up to 100000 RPM /min, with lightweight brushless motor, lighter weight.

This vacuum cleaner adopts 7 cone cyclone separation device, strong separation of dust and airflow, so that the filter element is not easy to clog, increasing the service life of the filter element. Precision five-fold filtration system, for small to 0.3 micron dust, filtering effect can be up to 99.97%.

Not only that, Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner 2 Slim can drag wet drag tank, before the realization of dust and dander, after dragging oil stubborn.

Equipped with 1+3 brush head combination, including electric soft pile brush, mite removal brush, gap suction, brush suction, covering the whole house cleaning needs. Professional high speed mite removal brush, up to 2000 RPM /min beating effect, to remove dust mites in bedding, sofa and other depths.

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In terms of battery life, the Slim 2 has five lithium-ion batteries and can last up to 45 minutes.


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