Xiaomi Rice Pressure Cooker Released: Intelligent Stepless Pressure, 599 Yuan ($88.72)


Xiaomi officially released the Rice appliance pressure cooker, which is a series of industries with high value, electromagnetic stepless pressure regulation, Korean cast aluminum lock structure, large size OLED screen, Japan Daikin PFA powder coating. The high-end configuration of “Wi-Fi smart electric pressure cooker”.

The electric pressure cooker is an upgraded product of the traditional pressure cooker and rice cooker. It combines the advantages of the pressure cooker and the rice cooker to completely solve the safety problem that the ordinary pressure cooker has plagued consumers for many years.

Rice cooker appliance using advanced electromagnetic pressure control valve, the discharge pressure of new electromagnetic type magnetic structure, the pressure in the valve stroke height theory, free to the precise control of the different magnitude pressure value between the discharge pressure efficiency 0Kpa-70Kpa to achieve The pressure is flexibly adjustable to achieve stepless pressure regulation.

The rated pressure of the rice cooker pressure cooker is 1.7 atmospheres, which can make the temperature in the pot reach about 114 °C, greatly shorten the heating time, and adopt a more intelligent automatic intermittent pressure transformation scheme, without manual pressure relief during cooking. The pressure-holding process is divided into multiple micro-pressure reliefs, and each time the micro-pressure is released, the liquid in the pot can be boiled and tumbling so that the nutrients are fully released and fused.

In addition, different ingredients require different cooking times. The mid-opening function of the top panel of the rice appliance pressure cooker is designed. During the pressure-maintaining phase, the pressure can be automatically released at any time according to the middle of the material. The lid is added with ingredients, respecting the best cooking time of each ingredient, and the electromagnetic pressure control valve is cooking. In the process of automatic pressure control, to ensure that the color of the food is bright, the shape is intact, delicious and nutritious, and completely bid farewell to the “one-pot stew” embarrassing.

In terms of design, the rice appliance pressure cooker breaks through the traditional control panel design, adopts the humanized top-mounted control panel, and the sunken unlock design, the panel is neat and uniform. Human body engineering design, perfectly comfortable standing locked 60-67 ° viewing angle, without bending, that is able to easily navigate through the user interface.

In addition to the clear basic function buttons, the rice appliance pressure cooker is a groundbreaking addition to the 1.32-inch large-size OLED touch screen in the control interface, which can display key data information such as cooking time, mode, status, and reminder in real time, without disturbing. Sensitive control, light touch, can complete mode switching, reservation, and other operations.

The rice appliance pressure cooker adopts the Korean cast aluminum lock structure which is only available in the high-end electric pressure cooker of more than 1,000 yuan ($148.12). The top cover and the inner lock are integrated, and the pressure-bearing parts are few, firm and reliable. The top cover is made of a 3.8mm integrated die-cast alloy lock ring that can withstand up to 6 times the atmospheric pressure (the normal cooking maximum pressure is 1.7 times atmospheric pressure), and the pressure valve is specially equipped with a pressure-proof cover to make the row The pressure is softer and avoids burns.

Meter appliance pressure cooker through linkage intelligent app, different foods can automatically adjust the time, temperature and pressure to the best state according to the corresponding recipes. Users can easily choose the choice of food choices and even define the exclusive dishes. Choose recipes, pressurize and cook, collect juice and lock, and control one-click control to achieve 24-hour smart appointment.

The inner pressure cooker of the inner part of the meter is made of 3.5mm multi-layer aluminum alloy thickened inner tank. The coating is made of Japan Daikin PFA powder coating, and the food contact grade safety material combines wear resistance and non-stickiness into one.

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Rice appliance pressure cooker will be on sale on January 16th, Xiaomi.com, Xiaomi has products, offline millet house, Xiaomi authorized store, direct supply franchise store, and sells for 599 yuan ($88.72).

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