XIAOMI Soocas SO WHITE Electric Razor Shaver Review: A 3D Wireless Smart Control USB Charging


Xiaomi has already launched so many electric razors through its eco-chain companies that we have lost track. What’s more interesting, all those models have become best-sellers. Just look at this list, and tell us whether there is a reason for them not to become a product with high evaporative demand: MIJIA Portable Electric Shaver, Xiaomi Mijia Electric Razor, Xiaomi ZHIBAI Electric Razor, and Xiaomi Mijia Smate Electric Razor. Now the brand is here with XIAOMI Soocas SO WHITE Electric Razor Shaver another shaver that would do so well in the market today.


The XIAOMI Soocas SO WHITE Electric Razor Shaver was created by Shukeshi Technology Co. The cutting part consists of three shaving plates. The user can adjust the speed, there are two modes available: fast and super fast. The product is hermetic, the degree of protection is IPX7. The white 3D shaver can be in contact with water and it will continue to work properly.

Xiaomi ES3 Waterproof 3D Smart Floating Blade Head Razor- Silver


Xiaomi informs that the blades in the new product do not need to be replaced. During operation, due to friction, they are constantly sharpened. At the bottom is an LCD screen that indicates the battery charge status. Whoever used the electric shaver knows how stubborn it is to use on a weak battery, the device does not shave and tears. Charging to 100% takes 90 minutes, is done using low voltage 5V. You can even use a power back. The battery life is 60 minutes.

The XIAOMI Soocas SO WHITE Electric Razor Shaver is currently available on Banggood for $24.99.

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