Xiaomi VIOMI SE VS Xiaomi VIOMI A9 Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Review


Xiaomi VIOMI SE, you will get the greatest cleaning for your home, ready to give you all that you need. This new vacuum cleaner includes a force of 2200 PA, a sensor to have your home planned and work on its cleaning. This model of extraordinary specs will fulfill every one of your requirements. Xiaomi Viomi A9 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. With its high motor force and 120 air watts of attractions, it handles any flotsam and jetsam effortlessly. Four useful connections, including 2 mechanized floor and furniture brushes, make cleaning substantially more effective on an assortment of surfaces, while the removable battery gives as long as an hour of battery life.


The most recent Xiaomi VIOMI SE Vacuum Cleaner isn’t immense with just 35 cm width and 9.45 cm greatest stature. The VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner has rich looks and plans. It has ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic material, which is the best material for this kind of item. It is a circle fit as a fiddle that comes in a white tone, which makes this item more exquisite. Aside from that, it is viable, doesn’t occupy a lot of room. It glances refined in the plan. It has a wonderful look that looks good in any event, when toward the side of the room.

Xiaomi Viomi A9 is a hand-held cordless vacuum cleaner with a mind boggling scope of capacities and provisions. It is simple and lovely to use as it is exceptionally peaceful and weighs just 1500 grams. Its attractions power is 120AW, which implies it can deal with the heaviness of steel balls or screws. The standard connection is furnished with an autonomous engine that pivots the brush, which viably gathers soil and fleece. A removable battery with a limit of 2500mAh permits you to utilize the vacuum cleaner for an hour of nonstop activity. This is sufficient for 400 square meters of surface. The charge level is shown on a light pointer on the outer layer of the gadget.



The Xiaomi VIOMI SE vacuum cleaner sucks up dust at a force of 2200 Pa. The route framework is streamlined utilizing man-made reasoning, which extraordinarily works on the recollecting of the vacuum cleaner’s course. The gadget defeats snags that are no higher than two centimeters. The battery limit is 300 mAh, which is sufficient for cleaning around 200 square meters. Also, when the battery charge level methodologies a basic one, the vacuum cleaner consequently gets back to the spot of charging and in the wake of recharging the energy supply, it gets back to where it got done with working. Xiaomi VIOMI SE vacuum cleaner offers a complex one Laser route (LDS 2.0)that moves the robot hoover securely around items and deterrents.


Altogether there are 12 sensors on the gadget that can identify articles, arrivals and different snags and forestall mishaps. Of the SLAM calculation makes an exact room map in blend with the LDS scanner. Up to 5 room cards The VIOMI SE vacuum robot can save and contrast it and the climate. Assuming you need to clean a few stories, this is no issue for the vacuum robot. A space of ​​approximately 200 sqm clean. Changed over into working hours, this compares 90 – 120 minutes. When a charging cycle becomes vital, the VIOMI SE consequently gets back to the charging station. The robot hoover is completely charged in around 3 hours. The robot vacuum cleaner is overseen through the Mi Home App, by means of which the room guide can be called up and confined regions can be set upon demand.

More Features


One more benefit of the Xiaomi Viomi A9 is the five-stage air sanitization. One of these stages is the HEPA12 framework, which isolates up to 99.9% of impurities from clean air and gathers them in a holder with a limit of 0.4 liters. For usability, the Xiaomi Viomi A9 has an electric lamp on the facade of the standard spout; which serves to all the more viably utilize the vacuum cleaner for cleaning such dim corners as space under the bed or under the storage room.

Also, The set as of now contains 4 spouts, incorporating a standard spout with a turning brush; limited with an extended rest (for folds of a couch, window ornaments and ceiling fixtures); thin with a short hard rest (for instance, for a console), and an uncommon spout for cleaning upholstered furniture, cushions, and so on toys. Joined with the value, this vacuum cleaner is without a doubt probably the best arrangement accessible today.



The Xiaomi VIOMI SE could end up being a genuine value execution hit in light of the fact that the vacuum robot offers impressive hardware for less. Also, Dispose of your gathered burn through in a matter of seconds. The holder of the Xiaomi Viomi A9 vacuum cleaner has a complex arrangement of programmed dust evacuation, so you simply need to carry it to the can and press a button. Both are best at their own. Also, You can easily buy both of these from Geekbuying at the price listed below:

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