Xiaomi Youpin 59-second Disinfection Guard Sells at 99 yuan


Due to the epidemic, all kinds of disinfection products are very popular. Today, Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunded a 59-second disinfectant guard with USB ports that can be plugged in anywhere, not only for disinfection, but also as a small lamp.

The lamp pole can be bent and adjusted at will, and the angle of use can be changed at will, which also makes the use of the scene more flexible.

The lamp holder is composed of three parts, the outermost is 12 LED lights, among which there are five UVC LED beads, which can produce ULTRAVIOLET light for disinfection and sterilization, the center is the infrared sensor of the human body, immediately stop ultraviolet radiation after sensing the human body, play a safe protection.

Among them, UVC LED lamp beads have a service life of 2000 hours and can emit ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 260-280nm, which can instantly penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of organisms, destroy DNA or RNA, and completely kill bacteria.

Its effectiveness obtained the Chinese Health Commission xiaozihao and The European SGS broad and micro measurement authority certification.

One of the features of this portable disinfectant guard can be used simply by plugging it into the USB port, and the scene is not limited to the desktop, bed, kitchen, car and so on.


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