Xiaomi Youpin Home Tool Set Crowdfunding: Glue Gun, Electric Screwdriver


Xiaomi Youpin launched the Xiaomi Youpin Home Tool Set for crowdfunding, starting at 99 yuan. The set contains three parts: 4V lithium battery adjustable screwdriver, 4V lithium battery hot melt glue gun, anti-static 40 in 1 finishing screwdriver set. The individual crowdfunding prices are 159 yuan, 159 yuan, and 99 yuan.   The Xiaomi Youpin Home Tool Set can also be purchased in packages, with a crowdfunding price of 399 yuan, which is 18 yuan cheaper than buying them all separately. Zai Hause is a brand incubated by wiha, a well-known German tool manufacturer. It has more than 80 years of tool development and manufacturing experience, allowing home users to use professional products.

The 4V lithium battery screwdriver adopts integrated storage, the bit is not exposed, and you can take it when you use it. The handle has built-in 4 wiha industrial-grade short bits while adding 4 long bits and universal 1/4″ extension rods to meet various possible applications.

The anti-static 40 in 1 finishing screwdriver set has a wiha industrial-grade anti-static handle, which effectively eliminates static electricity from the human body, and is ESD certified.

It is matched with German wiha high-quality precision S2 alloy steel bits to ensure that it can be hard and not brittle even in high-frequency use. 40 types of bits can meet most of the tightening needs.

The anti-static 40 in 1 finishing screwdriver set is equipped with a V-shaped magnetic base, which makes the batch headstand obliquely and compactly arranged. The base is marked with a head shape icon, which is easy to take and identify. When closed, the appearance is neat, thin, and compact, only the size of a mobile phone.

The 4V lithium battery hot melt glue gun is equipped with a high-efficiency MCH heating mechanism, which can quickly complete the preheating in 15 seconds, and the constant temperature sol. After the indicator light turns from red to blue, press and hold the trigger to release the glue smoothly.

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The wireless design eliminates cumbersome tow lines. With a 4000mAh super-capacity lithium battery, 40 glue sticks can be used continuously. Don’t worry if you forget to shut down, the intelligent control chip will shut down automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity.


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