Xiaomi Youpin Launches a Underwear Sterilizer Priced at $88


When it comes to keeping bacteria and germs away from us, we often want this to happen in environments and clothing closer to the care of our bodies. If for the cutlery or in any case the dishes already exist well-defined solutions, for our intimate and bathroom hygiene comes the new smart sterilizer, the Xiaomi Youpin produced by MiaoMiaoCe, which performs three important functions at a price honest.

In detail, we are faced with a sterilizer of just 31x14cm whose capacity reaches 6 liters. Its weight is only 1.6 kilograms and it can be screwed directly into the wall, occupying a fairly small space. Its operation is quite basic. It is enough to introduce our underwear or sanitary napkins inside, in a few minutes they will be disinfected without any effort.

For disinfection, this new underwear sterilizer makes use of three different methods: ultraviolet light, ozone, and pasteurization. Thanks to this, it is able to eliminate 99.99% of the main bacteria and germs. In addition to this, this new sterilizer has a bath disinfection mode. In this mode, which lasts approximately 4 hours, it will be able to disinfect our bathroom completely.

In addition, we are faced with a sterilizer equipped with various sterilization modes, going through a fast mode of only 5 minutes, up to sterilization, and deep disinfection mode that takes about 90 minutes. Beyond all this, the sterilizer itself functions as a disinfection wipe dispenser, a third use that joins those of a bathroom sterilizer and disinfection.

The new intimate sterilizer, bath, and dispenser MiaoMiaoCe come on Xiaomi Youpin at a framed price of 599 yuan (about $88). It is not difficult that it can also reach our latitudes through the well-known import channels.

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