YEHUA Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver: Check how any presentation can be shown with no limits (video)


How many times you wanted to present something to friends or colleagues and you couldn’t because the building you are have no means or the devices are elsewhere and cannot be moved!? Wouldn’t be nice to have a portable device that can do this work for you, A portable Video Transmitter and Receiver, wireless so there is no limitation from cables, like the YEHUA Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver that I found for you and can easily do this job for you!

I wanted a portable device for a presentation, so after searching around the internet, found out that the YEHUA Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver is what I was searching. So I got it from Amazon and arrived to me without any problems with the customs. The package, a nice white box, had an image of the video transmitter and the video receiver, with the name of firm at the top left corner – YEHUA and with the main features that has this device: 4K, suitable for office and house, no need for internet and supports multi device mirroring.

Opening the box, inside you will find the video transmitter, the receiver, two external Antennas, a USB C Cable, a HDMI Cable, DC for he power and a User Guide.

The YEHUA Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver works with no problem and setting it up is very simple. You connect to your source the transmitter, to a TV or projector, your receiver and you are ready to go. Since the devices are wireless, distance is no limit. Both devices do not need any special driver or APP to work. Despite the fact that work wiresly, the frequency they use will not mesh up with other devices in the room. By this way you can easily share video, images, text, online movies or games, even browsing in the internet!

The receiver can be connected to your device through HDMI port or VGA port. By this way the YEHUA can transmit wirelessly high-definition HDMI audio and video signals at a distance of up to 30M in an open area. As you can understand it can be easily used in a conference room, where the distances are big and at a house of course, without the need of a purchase of a very very long HDMI cable which will be very expensive. The HDMI transmitter is small, portable, and can be placed in any device that has HDMI slot. So you can connect to it your console, your laptop, tablet, tv box, etc

From these you understand the YEHUA has no limitation in resolution and distance! With the 4K (3840 X 2160) and more resolutions (1080P full HD/720P), that supports, you can see movies or games at a superb quality. Both devices feature chip that can prevent delay and lag, usually caused by the signal interference. So if you ask me again where you can use this transmitter/receiver…. everywhere! The YEHUA device supports stream HD 4K 3D movies, TV shows, video, games, presentations wirelessly from your Laptop, PC, Mac, Smartphone, PS4/5, Switch, Satellite Box, HDSLR Camera to HDTV, Projector or Monitor.

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The YEHUA video and transmitter can be found at Amazon.

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