ZOVOO C1 Vape Pod Review – USB Type- C Charging Interface


Out of the most popular vape device manufacturers, Zovoo has also made a name. The company has numerous models of vape devices with decent features and specs. However, this vape pod manufacturer ( ZOVOO ) has portable design pods with pocket-friendly prices just like the ZOVOO C1 vape pod which is currently available for purchase.

In terms of design, the Zovoo C1 has a minimalist dimension of 81.11 x 20.5 x 11.7 mm, which also contributes to its lightweight and size. Despite its small size, the C1 vape pod from ZOVOO is equipped with a 2ml e-juice tank that can be easily refilled in a few minutes.

With a total weight of 18.6 grams, the Zovoo C1 can be easily carried and also be kept inside your pocket. It will interest you to know that this vape device comes with either 50mg or 20mg of nicotine salt. Inside the pod, there is a 1.4- ohm resistance mesh coil to deliver the best vaping experience.

ZOOVOO C1 Main Features And Specs:

  • 1. E-juice Capacity: 2ml.
  • 2. Resistance Coil: 1.4- ohm.
  • 3. Nicotine Salt: 50mg / 20mg.
  • 4. Battery Capacity: 280 mAh.
  • 5. Charging Interface: USB Type- C.

Zovoo C1 vape pod boast of its embedded 280 mAh battery that can be recharged via the USB Type- C charging interface professionally designed at the side of the pod.

Where To Buy:

The ZOVOO C1 vape pod is currently available for a pocket-friendly price on the companys official website.


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