Letv LeEco Le Pro 3 Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery, Network Review


Although we know antutu score can not stand for the real experience about a smartphone, we got the every phone with high-end performance, we can’t help testing the scores first, even iPhone tested by GeekBench 3. It’s known to all that Letv has released the top flagship smartphone, Letv LeEco Le Pro 3, although it didn’t catch the first Snapdragon 821 processor like Snapdragon 820 processor, it still gives us amazing experience besides the 160,000 antutu scores. Let’s test it first.



Le Pro 3 has not changed a lot in its design, compared with Le Max 2, only the placements of bottom antenna, speaker port, the top IR location and flashlight on its back are a little different. But the RAM 6GB ROM 64GB version uses the drawing metal craftsmanship on its back, which is quite different from the previous models in visual and touch feeling with full of high-end personality.


Because its back uses the brand new drawing metal process, we can tell Le Pro 3 easily by touching it, its surface polishing process brings the silky feel, which is more sleek than other metal surface. Le Pro 3 has also done some hidden design, such as speaker.


Although the bottom has two rows of resonant chamber, in fact only the right speaker can sound, the other speaker is placed at the top of receiver. So when you use speaker to play audios, you can feel the stereo audio effect obviously. This kind of audio design is similar to iPhone 7 released just now. Of course, Letv has also made some innovation before iPhone, for example, its Le 2 series canneled the 3.5mm earphone jack, and Le Pro 3 also comes with USB Type C port.

Besides the hardware, the software is also important factor that Letv attach great importance to in Eco system, it runs EUI based on Android6.0.1 OS, according to several versions, it has improved largely.


In EUI os, Letv provides various resource in videos, like tv show, sports, live video, etc. You can enjoy the videos more conveniently.

In functions, Le Pro 3 can support many practical functions such as WeChat double open, dolby sound sound, rolling screenshots, etc.,


Le Pro 3 has improved largely in camera compared with the other Le 2 series. Although 16MP rear camera is not as high as 21MP camera. In specs, Le Pro 3 uses 16MP rear camera and 8MP back camera, Sony IMX298 CMOS, F2.0 aperture, and PDAF, front camera supports 76.5 degree wide angle which is more convenient for users to contain the larger scene and more people. According to the real photo samples, Le Pro 3 image quality has been over our expectation.


Le Pro 3 image performance is more suitable to personal interest. PDAF can switch focus fast in different scene. In image photographing, in adjustment, it tends to the color we see with naked eyes, there is no signs of over rendering and sharpening, basically restoring the real color.



Snapdragon 821 processor is used in Le Pro 3  which is one of biggest highlights. The fluent operation can effectively improve the users’ experience. After clearing the apps running, the rest usable storage of RAM is 4.1GB.  We got the RAM 6GB ROM 64GB golden version, let’s test antutu score. Le Pro 3 has 159,719 antutu scores finally.



Battery life can be one of bestselling of Le Pro 3, during 5.5inch screen smartphones, Le Pro 3 has 4070mAh battery, 7.5mm thickness. In battery life, we test NBA 2K16 game in 30 minutes, playing videos online in 30 minutes, wechat in one hour and other heavy use,  under the full power, Le Pro 3 can reach one day 2 hours 38 minutes battery life.


Le Pro 3 supports Dual Nano card, and 4G+ netcom network, when you launched one 4G network, the other card will be GSM or CDMA network.



Although ID design is limited, Snapdragon 821 performance makes Le Pro 3 improved largely, the price is 1799 yuan, $300 which is also full of competition. Therefore, in the next half year, Snapdragon 821 processor will become the main one for most smartphones. You can enjoy coupon code: GB9% to get it at $402.26. 


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