10 Reasons Not to Date a Cat Lover


Of course, cats are holy. However, there is such a thing as a pathological accumulation of animals. People who are obsessed with pets tend to believe that they make their animals happier, but, in fact, they cannot provide the proper care. Some people just have mental problems. The first one who springs to mind when it comes to the accumulation of animals is a cat lover. It’s not about breeders or the owners of one or two cats. However, a typical cat lover personality is another point. There are 10 signs of the cat lover and the reasons why you should better avoid them.

  1. It’s easier to communicate with cats.

Does she find mutual understanding with animals better than with people? It is a warning sign. She faces challenges and seeks solace in furry hugs. However, the connection with the society and mutual understanding with the world around her are cut off forever.

  1. Cats are better than men.

It is believed that a woman turns into the very canonical and slightly crazy cat lover after the age of 33. She still has a gloomy hope that everything will take care of itself. At the same time, she appreciates her freedom, her own habits, and preferences. She even forgot how to sleep with men because cats are quite another matter and their actions do not bring so much pain and disappointment.

  1. The second layer of cat hair.

She is covered with cat hair, like a monkey. She explains it by the fact that her favorite cat sheds a lot. It’s not about untidiness, it’s about great love for a cat.

  1. Cat’s Instagram.

A cat lover fills her profile with photos of her cats. It is not an animal, but an idol. There are photos of their paws, tails, whiskers, they are shot lying with a hashtag, “hard day.” Every next photo is about other events in the cats’ lives. If you are looking for a dating website for cat lovers, then it’s time to think twice.

  1. She rarely leaves home.

Even when she leaves an apartment, she mentally remains with the cat because she perceives it as a child. It is likely that it will remain No. 1 for her. The saddest thing is that she will turn into that same stereotypical crazy aunt from the stories about the cat lovers. Her character will become more cheesy and intolerant over time.

  1. Battle wounds.

Indeed, these beautiful creatures can turn into an uncontrollable killing machine. However, in fact, it is a big problem, which speaks eloquently of a bad owner. There are many reasons for aggressive behavior, starting with hyperactivity to the constant stress. And this once again confirms the fact that the cat lovers can neither take care of themselves nor of their pets.

  1. Diseases.

Cats can suffer from worms, toxoplasmosis, chlamydia, acute gastroenteritis, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, tularemia and some other diseases. Cats are prone to viral, bacterial, fungal infections. The issues of nutrition and behavior can lead to the parasitic diseases. Many of these diseases are dangerous for a person who communicates with a cat. And if you start dating a cat lover, then you can find yourself in a tough spot.

  1. Kissing a furry lord.

Talking about dog lover vs cat lover, they both have an idiotic habit of licking, biting and kissing their furry lords. In principle, many other pet owners do the same.

  1. Unpleasant smell.

The air at cat lover’s home is saturated with urine. Being drunk, you can ignore that, but it’s very difficult to live in such an apartment.

  1. Women and cats.

As a rule, cat lovers associate themselves with cats. If a woman has a cat, then she thinks that she is self-sufficient, strong and independent as her cat. If all conversations boil down to the cat, it means that the vacant place is occupied, and you are late.

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