10LED 1080P Wireless Security IP Camera WiFi Camera Night Vision Review (55 pcs limited)


10LED 1080P Wireless Security IP Camera  has 1080P HD definition up to 1280 x 720 video, 30fps.The 3.6mm focal point gives a 90-degree wide review Angle. Extremely smooth live communicate and superb picture lucidity, let you feel the visual enjoyment. Seamlessly stream video to cell phones, tablets, Apple macintoshes or Windows PCS.

10LED 1080P Wireless Security IP Camera Price: $28.88


The camera gives 1080P goals and 100 degrees wide, you can see everything about an application when you are away. The double moto empowers the camera to catch an entire 355-degree even view and 90-degree vertical view. The camera can move like an eye, naturally, keep the focal point fixed on the pre-set objective and moment push alerts to the APP. In the case of something strange occurred, the AL calculation can perceive human shape, recognize gatecrashers from the wind-blown shade.


10LED 1080P Wireless Security IP Camera easily set and greater hardware check: download from the A pp store or Google play wansview application, utilize the appended power supply to open the camera power supply (note: the camera isn’t battery power), and afterward interface the camera to 2.4 GHz WiFi (5 g WiFi does not support) or switch with RJ45 link, add the camera to the mobile applications, and can be utilized on a mobile telephone App to check the camera. Ability to see cameras on various telephones (IOS and Android) and PC programming. Waterproof camera waterproof level up to IP66, this camera front end is made of aluminum, entirely tough, quicker heat scattering and not rust. It works reliably even in awful climate. it has  Longer night vision 10 infrared LEDs with night vision up to 67 feet. The long separation gives you a superior view.It can likewise accomplish brilliant day and night checking. The Incredible similarity and client administration: support by means of iOS/Android mobile gadgets, Windows PC With this savvy remote camera, you can in a flash assess your camera’s video stream. Even in obscurity, you can see the unmistakable genuine picture and video, never miss the minute you care about.


10LED 1080P Wireless Security IP Camera is anything but difficult to introduce and direct to use with the likelihood of mounting in numerous planes. It includes a roof mount that enables you to put it standing, sideways or topsy turvy. It has an exceptionally calm inner engine for close quiet operability while the double Android and iOS similarity adds to its convenience. you can easily buy this from Banggood with $28.88

55 pcs limited for the first batch

10LED 1080P Wireless Security IP Camera Price: $28.88


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