11 Advantages Of Wide Area Network (WAN)


WAN (Wide Area Networks) are beneficial in many ways. Just like LAN, WAN systems don’t have cabling restrictions. Additionally, you can use any number of devices for each segment. It’s very convenient in cases where users need to access the same computer. They don’t need to possess one machine at a time. Here are some of the extraordinary benefits of WAN systems that you need to know.

  1. Control Over Your Network 

It’s hard for someone to tamper with the WAN system because you have total control over your network. Therefore, no one can damage the system that you are using. If you are planning to connect 2 different companies together, you don’t need to add a third party to the process since they can’t access the data. Additionally, they will not be able to create any problems on your network.

  1. Quick Transfer Of Data

When you use WAN, you have a lot more bandwidth. Therefore, you can send data at high speed. It comes in handy for companies that process large amounts of information and data. Note that, the bandwidth will differ from one provider to the other but it will not be a problem. That’s because software like VPN will help you connect easily with servers in other locations. 

  1. Prevent Malicious Data

As mentioned, WAN provides you with total control over your network. It’s an open system anyone can connect to it. As such, it’s impossible for people to hack into the system and create problems. 

  1. Work From Anywhere

WANs are wireless networks so you can work from home or while on the road. Wherever you choose to work from, you can connect without any problems. 

  1. Save Time And Money 

If you invest in WAN, you can save a lot of time and money. You can work from home and use the software to manage your business. Additionally, you can create a team of people that work together. 

  1. Better Security 

If you have a wireless network, there is always a chance that someone can connect to it and do the same functions they do on a computer. For instance, checking bank accounts or personal tasks. Note that, there are so many ways that people can hack your computer and gain access to private information.

  1. Narrower Network Requirements 

It comes with a smaller network, so you don’t have to worry about the wireless signal reaching a large area, especially if you decide where you want to use it specifically. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the number of computers on the same network every time.

  1. Effortless Communication

When you are using WAN, you can plug a new device into the network and it will work automatically. You don’t need to change anything on your computer if you are planning to install a new hard drive or want to connect to a printer.

  1. Centralized IT Infrastructure 

Do you have a lot of computers in one building? Do you have several computer systems in different locations that need to be easily and securely connected? Well, WAN is a great choice. You can use it to connect to many computers, especially in a wide geographical area. 

  1. Support Global Market & Global Business 

Numerous major companies including Amazon have introduced WAN in their international sales and operations due to its high reliability and low costs. The cloud computing division is one of the recent large customers due to the largest recorded growth in the overseas business. It’s a great sign that WAN is a great choice to implement.

  1. Increase Efficiency 

WAN is a great way to boost employee productivity. If you have a considerable number of employees who are working at the same time but working from different computers, they are bound to be more productive since they can share their data files with each other comfortably. 

Final Thoughts

WAN is beneficial to people in different industries. If you are planning to install it in your business, you can do it for these and many more benefits. If you have been looking for a secure and productive solution for your business or organization, you need to consider WAN systems due to these outstanding benefits.


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