Vivo Z6 Releasing on February 29: Snapdragon 765G, 48MP Main Camera


Recently, vivo has been continuously warming up the new Vivo Z6 Smartphone on Weibo. The machine will be released on February 29 and pre-sale will be launched. Let’s take a look at the current official information. In appearance, the Z6 uses a 3.85mm ultra-small aperture pole screen design with a screen ratio of up to 90.74%. The fuselage uses a 3D four-curved fuselage design, providing three trendy color options for users to choose from. It is also equipped with a rear-mounted 48MP all-around four-camera, bringing shocking visual impact and professional photography experience to young users.


In order to bring users a more comfortable and extreme visual experience. The vivo Z6 is equipped with a 6.57-inch extreme screen with a screen ratio of 90.74%. And a front camera aperture of only 3.85mm. Users can feel the shocking visual impact brought by Z6 whether they are chasing dramas or playing games.
Ultra-small aperture extreme screen and all-around four-shot, vivo Z6 incarnates youth tide
In addition to bringing users a visionless experience. Vivo Z6 also has an excellent fusion of technology and aesthetics in the design. The vivo Z6 uses a 3D four-curved body design. Taking into account both good product perception and a comfortable grip.

The nano-level carved process on the back of the phone brings more levels of light. And shadow changes [the nano-level carved. The process is adopted for the polar shadow black and interstellar silver color matching]. There are three color combinations: the galvanized black of the galvanized electric switch. Interstellar Silver, the everlasting ice age. and the trendy design meet the different personal expression needs of young users.

In response to the young people’s love of records and willingness to share their attitudes to life. VIvo New Phone is equipped with more professional imaging systems for users. The VIvo New Phone is not only equipped with a 48MP physical pixel ultra-clear main camera. 112 ° anti-distortion ultra-wide-angle lens + 4cm ultra-macro lens + independent portrait depth of field lens.

But it also has built-in highly acclaimed Hyper HDR technology and super night scene dark light shooting technology. Whether it is a dim night light street or a vast mountain under the moonlight. The vivo Z6 can cope with it freely. Transforming it into professional photography equipment in the user’s pocket. Providing users with free creative space to play.

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On February 29th, The Vivo Z6 Smartphone was officially pre-sold, and friends who like it quickly rushed to get started.


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