1MORE EVO TWS Hi-Res Earbuds Sales at $169.00 on AliExpress


1MORE EVO TWS Earbuds is an integrated 3D ceramic back cover with a 10mm DLC-like diamond coating and a double-single ring-iron design to extend the high frequency to 40KHz, support LDAC and pass the Hi-Res Wireless small gold standard, and QuietMax up to 42dB drop Noise, up to 28 hours of battery life and support for Qi wireless charging.

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Design and Build

The charging case makes an incredibly positive impression because it is made of matt aluminum. Depending on the color version, it is white or black. A gold 1MORE logo is engraved on the top of the flap. There is a small diode on the front, while on the back is a USB type C connector. The bottom is finished with rubber. Inside, it is finished with matte plastic. There is also a pairing button between the headphone sockets. The flap closes magnetically. The hinge will not creak or wobble.

All this makes the whole thing very solid and there is no feeling of cheapness here. The headphones are also well-made. Matt plastic, which is of good quality, dominates here. The shape of the headphones is rounded, but quite small – people with smaller ears should not complain. On the inside, there are charging pins and proximity sensors. The front is a glossy ceramic panel surrounded by a golden metal frame. The brand logo is printed on it. In addition to aesthetic considerations, ceramics are also supposed to reduce distortions in this case – at least that’s what the manufacturer claims.

Noise Reduction Technology

1MORE EVO is equipped with its patented QuietMax™ crossover noise reduction technology, aiming at the middle and low-frequency bands where the noise is more concentrated, with the help of crossover tuning to achieve the best balance between noise reduction effect and music experience. The external sound is collected through three sets of microphones in each ear. With the comfortable and close-to-ear body design, the noise reduction depth is as high as 42dB, which can effectively block external noise. Whether you are commuting or working, you can enjoy a quiet space without being disturbed.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality this time, Wanmo’s new noise-canceling bean 1MORE EVO can be said to have been fully upgraded. In my opinion, the hardware and software configuration of this headset can even be described as “HiFi”. 1MORE EVO adopts a common ring-iron structure. The headphone-sounding unit consists of a diamond-like diaphragm moving coil and a low-distortion moving iron unit. In addition to supporting basic audio transmission formats such as aptX, this headset also supports the LDAC high-definition audio Bluetooth transmission protocol with super CD quality, and this headset has also obtained Hi-Res Wireless certification. Both software and hardware have laid a good foundation for the sound quality performance of 1MORE EVO.

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Verdict & Buy

The EVOs from 1MORE are currently available at AliExpress For Just $169.00, they settle on a high level of truly wireless earbuds. The sound quality is remarkably good and the setting options, especially the ANC, are satisfactory. We particularly liked the automatic equalizer for individual tuning. The software has everything that the competition for high-end earbuds has to offer. Nevertheless, we would have wished for more individuality in touch operation. We can recommend the EVOs.

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