2 in 1 Doogee S80 Digital Wakie-Talkie Rugged Phone Extensively Applied to Various Industries With Visual Scheduling System


A rugged phone can be used in a variety of scenarios today. For example, in the field, in adventurers and those who work daily with tools and machines. These people appreciate a rugged construction of the phone to cope with the rigors of outdoor use.

The recently released Doogee S80 digital walkie-talkie rugged phone is a typical representative of such a model range. In this model, the digital walkie-talkie and the rugged mobile phone are perfectly integrated into an overall picture. It, therefore, has two functions: both the ordinary mobile phone and an intercom. Such a visual disposition system supports work in various institutions, companies, and authorities, such as the police, fire department, and engineering.

Take the DOOGEE S80 as an example. It combines a digital radio, a precise GPS with an industrial telephone design, to realize the visualization of events, the personal location, and the on-site monitoring. Compared to the traditional intercom, where team members only communicate through voice messages, the Doogee S80 meets these more practical needs of the user.

For Example:

The digital intercom allows the subscriber to make clear calls without a network, no matter where they are, thus enabling instantaneous communication in the event of unexpected emergencies. Such a technique is especially used in remote mountains and forests, remote islands and desert areas.

Unlike the traditional small radio capacitive screen, the Doogee S80 features a 5.99 “FHD + large screen to visually monitor or instantly send the situation in real time. Very useful in firefighting of burning buildings or in police operations.

Similar to the Doogee S70 gaming phone, the S80 also uses the GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems. This allows adventurers to make meaningful use of this feature to find and rescue those in trouble. In addition, the visual disposition system plays a major role in traffic to minimize traffic congestion.

Depending on the application, users can use independent and secure group chats. Speech Encryption increases the confidentiality of this communication. In addition, the 400-480 MHz wide frequency range and the 10 km effective range are the outstanding features of the Doogee S80 in this market.

As an outdoor-ready telephone, the Doogee S80 has a robust and durable housing. To cope with all harsh environmental conditions, the Doogee S80 underwent all the industry standard IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810G tests. Thus, it can be used in almost all areas of emergency aid, search and rescue, public security, forest investigation, real estate, hotel, logistics, and similar areas.

This system solution for visual disposition will strongly drive the development in these industries in the future. The DOOGEE S80 will not be long in coming. The outdoor fans can check out the latest information on the official website.


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