2017 New Year First Explosion From Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Smartphone


Yesterday, we have reported the explosion from Xiaomi MI4I, which has made us scared of Xiaomi phone, today, there is other news about Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone explosion which has become the first serious issue at the beginning of this new year. Of course, it has the real reason to cause the explosion, let’s know more details.

According to the spot, the bottom of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 has been burned, the whole metal back cover has also been detached from the screen, when the explosion happened, the smartphone is put in the pocket of user’s trousers, and his trousers have been burned with a hole.

In fact, this kind of explosion issue has become common, on December 21, Mrs Wang bought a Redmi smartphone in March,2016, when it was charging, the phone suddenly burns itself, even its SIM card was burned. Fortunately, she found the problem to avoid the lost. After the accident, the staff took the phone to test the explosion reason, but no result after that. After media investigated, Xiaomi official has promised to reimburse to Mrs Wang and pay 600 yuan, $100 back as compensation. But Xiaomi asks her to sign a confidential agreement to forbid her to talk that in public.

And there are more Xiaomi users in Xiaomi forum who are also worrying about their phone. As the photo shows, Xiaomi user claims that Redmi Note 4 can perform fluently and save power without connecting the network, after connecting the network, the temperature of the phone will heat increasing automatically without doing anything, when it reaches 49 degrees, it will very hot for hold, so will it be the problem of smartphone itself or OS? He is asking for help and answer online urgently.

But there are many users who use Xiaomi phones without problems, we guess they must buy the fake Xiaomi phones or Xiaomi chargers, then how can it explode? What do you think?




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