2023 IECIE Vape Show Jakarta Station, officially Set File on August 3-5, 2023!


By Bo Wen creative Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., LTD. Sponsored by 2023 IECIE electronic cigarette show Jakarta station, officially set file on August 3-5, 2023!

Time: August 3-5, 2023
Venue: JIExpo Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center, Indonesia
It is expected that the exhibition scale of 12000 square meters, 120 exhibitors, is expected to attract 6000 professional visitors.

Since last year IECIE electronic cigarette show in Jakarta successfully held, there have been a lot of Chinese brands into the Southeast Asian market, through IECIE show docking local well-known dealers, open distribution channels, enhance brand influence, accelerate the development of the Southeast Asian market.

1. Analysis of the e-cigarette market in Indonesia

Indonesia has a relatively open and stable policy
Currently, global e-cigarette policies tend to be strict, and many countries and regions prohibit the promotion, sale and import and export of e-cigarettes. Indonesia is a country with relatively open and stable policies in Southeast Asia, which is very important. Indonesia does not prohibit the promotion, import and sale of e-cigarettes, and flavored vaping oil is popular. Although there is a high tariff, a stable policy environment is undoubtedly a necessary condition for investment and expansion of the Southeast Asian market, but also a crucial influencing factor. Without stable policy conditions, all that investment and achievement can be undone in an instant, as vaping practitioners know all too well.

2. There are many potential consumers

As the ninth largest tobacco consumer in the world, Indonesia has a huge potential consumer population of tobacco. In addition, the proportion of e-cigarette use has been soaring, the public has a high degree of acceptance of e-cigarette, steam culture is pursued by local vaper, and community-oriented activities are everywhere in local communities in Indonesia. Although the social gap between rich and poor in Indonesia is large and the consumer group is complex, it also provides brands with different product types, positioning and marketing options.

3. The type of consumer products lags behind

The main conflict in the Indonesian market is not a price war or internal volume, but a battle between big smoke and small smoke. Most consumers do not know about disposable e-cigarettes and do not have access to disposable cigarettes. Because of conflicts of interest, only 50 percent of distributors and brick-and-mortar stores sell single-use e-cigarettes. Looking back at the development process of the global e-cigarette market and China’s e-cigarette market, it has been proven by history that small cigarettes have become the mainstream. The Indonesian market is still in the transition period of product replacement, and it still needs time to complete this process whether brands and distributors can achieve the unification of interests and whether consumers can accept the new product types on a large scale. The iteration of new product types is bound to cause changes in the consumer market.

4. Transfer of industrial chain and export trade in Southeast Asia

Indonesia is known as the country of Thousand Islands. The bonded zone attracts enterprises from neighboring countries to build factories and put them into production. At present, only large brand enterprises build new local factories, and the corresponding accessory factories have not caught up with them. The transfer of the industrial chain is still in the early stage, but the wind has formed. In the future, it can be more convenient to sell in Indonesia and export to other Southeast Asian countries.

2. IECIE exhibition project advantages

1. Professional and reliable sponsor
IECIE since 2015 held in China, in just 8 years, has become the world’s largest electronic cigarette expo, in addition to the industry high-speed development of the express, a professional and reliable host team is also the key to success.
IECIE belongs to the global exhibition group Informa Infulman Group, the group has 400+ exhibition projects worldwide, covering different industries and various types of exhibitions, subsidiaries throughout various countries, because of the strong local support, IECIE overseas exhibition project can be successfully landed in overseas.

2. Years of brand influence and database accumulation
IECIE project accumulated many years of database and industry influence, can actively call on the global accurate buyer crowd.
Many exhibitors and dealers have participated in IECIE exhibition for many times, IECIE exhibition brand is very familiar with and trust.

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