3 Gift Ideas for Executive Retirements


After many years of work with long hours, times of stress alongside some wonderful successes, the time comes to retire from the world of work. Now is the time to enjoy visiting family and friends, invest more time into hobbies or learn new skills or take that long vacation impossible when focused on a career. Here we look at three gift ideas for executives who are looking forward to retirement.

Tech gifts

Recognise the work of the person who is retiring with a gift they can have at home as a reminder of all they have achieved. When thinking about company retirement gifts consider quality gifts from a good brand. The company may wish to customise the gift with their own brand and a few specially chosen words.

A popular retirement gift is a clock or watch to symbolise the time spent at work and the free time to come. A Rolex watch would be a magnificent gift, but if that is not possible, an Apple Watch can help them shift their focus from keeping tabs on meeting schedules to accurately keep track of their fitness including heart rate and rhythm, blood oxygen and sleep.

With spending more time at home, it is likely that there will be some piece of tech that could be improved with an upgrade. Wireless noise-cancelling headphones mean that they can listen to whatever music, television show or audiobook at home without interrupting the routine of anyone else in the home. It also means that listening to heavy rock at 3am is not going to upset the neighbours.

Home comforts

Help them relax at home with an award-winning recliner chair from which they can watch their favourite sporting team.  You could gift a customised neon sign to brighten up their home bar since they will have more time for entertaining. You could gift a bottle of their favourite liquor, such as an exceptional single malt since retirement will be a time to raise many toasts.

If the retiring executive is planning to spend the bulk of their time travelling, gift some luggage that will withstand the handling it will receive from multiple visits to airports or on cruises. Gift a temperature-controlled mug that will keep their coffee steaming hot for an hour as they become engrossed in all the novels they now have time to read.

For those who love to watch movies, the gift of a 4K television will add a cinematic feel. You can also use the television to display selected artwork when there is nothing to watch.

Creative hobbies

With retirement, some people have the time and freedom for hobbies that may not have been possible before.  From writing a book to painting or playing golf, there are gifts that will support whichever creative outlet you know they want to pursue. From notepads to canvases to a golfer’s tool pocket-knife you should be able to find something to suit every hobby and every budget.

If the retiring executive already has a hobby, gift an upgrade such as a carved chess set which will be sure to impress their competitors or some quality 24 karat gold-plated playing cards for those who love to play poker with friends. A set of garden tools will have new gardeners planting herbs, sunflowers and tomatoes in the spring or established gardeners appreciative of tools that will last a lifetime. You could also gift a comfortable camp chair for those who enjoy time around a campfire with friends or other outdoor kit that will have them enjoying on bright and sunny days.


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