3 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed Digital Marketing


Is there any industry that COVID-19 and the global pandemic hasn’t affected? The short answer is clearly, “No.” However, some industries have been impacted by the pandemic in different ways than others—with the field of digital marketing actually benefiting in some ways because of COVID-19. You can check Digital PR Services here.

That being said, just because the digital marketing industry has become more heavily-scrutinized in a time of social distancing and quarantining doesn’t mean that your strategy around digital marketing should stay the same. This is because, along with industry shifts, consumer behavior and attitudes are changing, too. As such, it’s never been a better time to perform an audit of your marketing efforts to ensure that your online presence is what you want it to be. Here are three ways COVID-19 has changed digital marketing.

Social media is more popular than ever.

With so many people quarantining in their homes, behavior surrounding social media has massively accelerated. According to some studies, consumers reported that their social media usage was up almost 50 percent in some cases, which obviously means that social media’s ROI has become even stronger in the wake of the pandemic.

With more and more social media users tapping their networks to connect with others, the opportunity is ripe for your business to increase its social content. Even switching from posting two to three times a week to five times a week can have a major effect on your business’ organic reach. Beyond that, boosting posts and running targeted ad campaigns can help you cut through a crowded news feed and help your business and its products stand out and get the engagement they deserve.

SEO services are increasingly important.

Local SEO has also become more important at a time when customers are looking to purchase more items online or learn about a company’s COVID-19 response. For example, consider a scenario where someone has a pre-existing condition or is otherwise at-risk and isn’t comfortable leaving their home but needs a delivery that can’t be handled by Amazon, Target, or Walmart (or maybe they just want to buy local!) When they head to Google to search for the product or service they need, you’ll only show up in the results if you have great SEO. Boosting your search engine optimization is thus vital for companies wanting to make it through the pandemic by attracting the right customers to your local business.

Responsive web design is non-negotiable.

With more business heading online, the way your website functions is crucial. Customers are using all sorts of devices to browse the web these days, from iPads and tablets to desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. This means that if your website isn’t clearly designed and easy to navigate, you may wind up frustrating customers and losing business. Responsive web design is thus pivotal to your success during the pandemic—and can even help improve your SEO, too!

Clearly, there are a lot of areas where you need to be focused online in order to create impactful and effective digital marketing campaigns. That being said, the digital space is full of a lot of different layers, platforms, and mediums, and it can be easy to become bogged down trying to handle website design, graphic design, and social media management. Especially when it comes to smaller local businesses that have also been forced to adapt to the way they sell their goods, handling all of these digital marketing strategies can be difficult to juggle.

That’s why it might make sense to hire an outside digital marketing company to take some of these activities (or all of them!) off of your plate. A full-service digital marketing agency can do it all—from software development to social media graphic design and website design—all while following your own established brand book and best practices. Best of all, you don’t even need to find a digital marketing agency in your geographic area, heading to the Silicon Valley region to tap experts at a California digital marketing company instead. Picking a digital agency with knowledge serving top clients in Los Angeles and San Diego can be a major boon for your own business, as they leverage best practices to help you market your business in the new normal.


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