3000PA Vacuum Cleaner Review – Wet Dry Mop Robot Cleaner For Just $230.99 at Gearbest (Coupon)


Whether you love having the latest tech, hate cleaning, or you’re not as mobile as you once were, the 3000PA Robot Vacuum Cleaner floor mopping robot is a fun way to get a rather boring household chore done. The definitive cleaner for your home. This 3000PA Robot Vacuum Cleaner makes light work of all your vacuuming and cleaning duties in one awesome machine.


This 3000PA Robot Vacuum Cleaner is not much different from other robot vacuum cleaners. The device has a round shape and is made of Dark Gray plastic. The Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a small size of 33.00 x 33.00 x 7.60 cm / 12.99 x 12.99 x 2.99 inches and a weight of only 2.7 kg. Modern vacuum robots can usually not only vacuum but also wipe. The 3000PA Robot Vacuum Cleaner can also be equipped with an additional water tank. The volume of the water tank is 350ml. The water delivery can be controlled in 3 stages. The vacuum robot has installed an electronic water pump for this. So that no water stains remain after the end of the cleaning, the water dispensing stops at the same time. The microfiber cleaning cloth is removable and is therefore easy to clean.

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The 3000PA Robot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a navigation system with the ability to build a two-dimensional map of the space. This allows you to specify the exact territory for cleaning and restrict movement in specified areas. It also remembers his route and does not clean several times in the same place. And this significantly speeds up the cleaning process and eliminates the passage of dirty areas. The Cleaner is control using a mobile application in which you can specify the schedule and area of cleaning. The operating mode and adjust the suction power.

3000PA Robot Vacuum Cleaner uses a large dust collector with a volume of 600 ml. Which eliminates the need for regular cleaning. In addition to dry cleaning. The cleaner maintains wet – for this. It comes with a separate 350 ml tank with an automatic stop of the water supply when the vacuum cleaner stops working. And the built-in 2500 mAh battery is enough for an area of 200 m2. Upon completion of work or at a low charge. The robot will automatically return to the docking station for recharging.


3000PA Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a high cost-performance product in the current market. No matter for intelligence, cleanliness, and simplicity and convenience, the performance is very stable. It is suitable for people who like keeping pets or having carpets at home. We can buy it from Gearbest at $230.99 by using Coupon Code: G4BFAA6761A27001 in Flash Sale.

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