360 D819 Doorbell Review: a Smart Video Doorbell with Visitor Recognition Feature For Just $89.99 at Gearbest


360 D819 Smart Video Doorbell is the latest product of 360 IOT, This product has addressed the pain points of traditional doorbell products, and the result is innovative and convenient features such as visitor identification, stay detection, visitor video calls, long battery life, ultra-clear night vision, and super-wide viewing angle. The functional partition design optimizes the user experience. The hidden anti-tamper and disassembly structure ensures more effective protection and home security.

Buy 360 D819 Smart Video Doorbell at $89.99


The 360 D819 Smart Video Doorbell main body of the ivory white 360 smart doorbells is designed with a home texture, oval shape, stylish and novel. Its outer casing is made of PC+ABS material and then processed with fine and meticulous processing. The surface is smooth and round, and the overall appearance is good. Its size is 151 x 61 x 32mm, the weight of the body is 243.2g, which is bigger and heavier than an ordinary doorbell. The front of the 360 smart doorbell mainframe is a black piano lacquer-coated panel with a camera and doorbell button on the panel, and the camera and doorbell buttons are designed with a golden ratio. The effect of the led light when someone approaches the door When someone rings the bell, the effect of the led light.

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In addition to the 2.3 -megapixel ultra-clear video sensor, the 162?large wide-angle HD optical lens, and the doorbell button that can be used to communicate visitors, the panel also has a power indicator and a light sensor on the top of the camera, and a microphone on the bottom; A ring-shaped led indicator is placed around the button (the ring light shows a blue weak breathing effect when someone approaches the door, the ring light shows a blue circle effect when someone rings the bell), and is plated between the camera and the doorbell button. 360 brand logo with white lettering. 360 smart doorbell host has a switch button on the bottom of the host. Press and hold for at least 5 seconds to open the 360 smart doorbells. After turning on, there will be a voice prompt “Welcome to use 360 smart doorbells”. It also sets the USB charging interface, anti-violent disassembly buckle, and hanging slot, and has a nameplate with the name and model number printed on the product.

A disassembly hole is provided on the upper side of the 360 D819 Smart Video Doorbell main body, and the 360 mart doorbell can be removed from the mounting base by inserting the disassembly hole pin into the hole. On its lower side is a speaker that can receive the 360 D819 Smart Video Doorbell app dialogue and doorbell button sound effects. In addition to the main unit, the 360 smart doorbells is equipped with a signal base station, which combines the functions of network signal transmission, local storage and doorbell speaker in the house. The base station with pure white signal adopts the socket design of direct power supply, and its appearance is also elliptical shape, which is half the size of the host.


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Buy 360 D819 Smart Video Doorbell at $89.99


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