360 N5S Confirms to Be Released on May 23


Today 360 official has confirmed they will release new smartphone in its N series on May 23, according to the press conference signal, ‘Meet the surprise’, we can see it should be 360 N5S smartphone, leaked before.

Currently, 360 N4S has been off the website, from a e-shop warm-up, we can confirm the new phone will be 360 N5S, it will adopt new design. Different from 360 N4S and N5 smartphone, 360 new smartphone will adopt dual glass material, its back uses fingerprint scanner, and it will not use dual rear camera popular now, in terms of 360 N series position, this smartphone will be still cost-effective, So the 160usd price and RRAM 6GB specs will be possible to use on this new phone.

From 360 N4S series, they are very competitive, but it has lack of stock, we hope this time 360 can meet the needs of their fans to provide the stock in time. Just guess how much 360 n5s will be?



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