360 N7 Pro Mobile Phone Releasing On August 21st: With Snapdragon 660 and 5030 mAh Battery!


Today, I will talk to you about the 360 N7 Pro mobile phone, a game phone with a long-lasting game. 360 N7 Pro, before it was released, it began to have a variety of warm-ups, making people look forward to it. Preheating represents the main selling point of the aircraft. There are main music, photos, games, and cost-effective, then the configuration and 360 N7 Pro is based on the Jedi survival and Long lasting battery as a selling point. Therefore, the 360 N7 Pro is a mobile phone that is stable and stable for the game.

360 N7 Pro, for the Snapdragon 660, I believe that many people think of the previous generation 360 N6 Pro because it also uses the Snapdragon 660. Just when everyone thinks that 360 N7 will carry the 710 first launch, 360 still continues to polish snapdragon 660, but although this is the case, 360 seems to be determined to make 360 N7 Pro into the “N” series of soldiers, because the machine is in The article said at the beginning, 360 N7 Pro is the main mobile phone, and the game must be configured, so in terms of hardware configuration, 360 N7 Pro is superior to the same level of 360 N6 Pro.

To be said, the 360 N7 Pro built-in game accelerator function, in the system “black technology” folder, open 360 N7 Pro comes with the game accelerator software, you can add a specific game, you can optimize the game for acceleration. Optimized strategies include blocking notifications, full performance, network speed protection, background hang-up, incoming call background or hang up, and adjustment of game resolution and fluency.

In addition to the 360 N7 Pro’s Snapdragon 660 and game accelerator, 360 N7 Pro has a big bright spot, that is, 5030mAh battery capacity, in the full screen now, 360 also made a large 5,000 mAh Battery capacity, a solid conscience. Right, forgot to say, 360 finally let 360 N7 Pro support face recognition.

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It is built on a 10nm process, using the Kryo 360 architecture, eight-core design, GPU for Adreno 616, and Ann Antutu running at around 170,000 (the SnapDragon 660 An Antutu runs around 130,000). In addition, 360 mobile phone president Li Kaixin also hinted that the 360 N7 Pro will be equipped with 6GB LPDDR4X memory, the price is more than 2,000 yuan ($290). The Phone will be officially released in Beijing on August 21.

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