360 Q5 Plus Design, Antutu, Battery, Game, Camera Review


360 has released the new flagship smartphones, 360 Q5 and 360 Q5 Plus. Today we will test 360 Q5 Plus which is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, 128GB ROM 6GB RAM, and dual rear camera. As you know, 360 has combined Qiku and Coolpad, and started three product lines, F, N, Q series. After F and N series released new products, 360 also published the Q series new model, 360 Q5 and 360 Q5 Plus. Let’s see how it is.



360 Q5 Plus has nice screen to body ratio, up to 86%, and 6inch which is not easy to hold with in one hand, but we can feel lighter itself. It uses all metal body and magnesium alloy surface that forms a layer of alumina which can avoid metal surface corrosion, and not easy to get touch fingerprints and grease.



There is two SIM slots on the left, which can both use Nano SIM card, one of SIM slots can support Micro SD card to expand storage to ROM 128GB.  But Q5 Plus has ROM 128GB itself which can meet our daily needs very much.


In network, 360 Q5 Plus supports 4G netcom, but we need to know two SIM card slots can use the CDMA card at the same time.



360 Q5 Plus has a smart key on the left that can be used for fast operation such as opening flashlight, turning on the voice recording, etc. In addition, this smart key can support SOS, if you face urgent problem, you can press smart key log and volume – key to send SOS for help. Then it can make call for emergency and position the place you live.

Safe Protection Takes Priority


360 has installed a safe chipset with bank level on 360 Q5 Plus. It supports independent storage such as encryption, software for payment by password, fingerprint, etc.

Besides active protection,  this safe chipset can also protect our information after losing it, anyone root it forcefully, clears the fingerprint scanner, closes the network or change SIM card, Q5 Plus safe chipset will start anti-stolen management, so the phone lost will be locked soon.

After locking Q5 Plus, only fingerprint scanner can lock it to operate. If there is no right fingerprint scanner in 60 minutes, the phone will remove all effective data automatically, and the phone processor will also be locked. The it will be useless.


Besides safe chipset, Q5 Plus has also added Privacy OS in software to encrypt and protect by safe chipset separately. Users can hide pictures, video, etc to this Privacy OS. In addition, entering this Privacy OS by certain fingerprint scanner, it will not have apps on widgets in case of privacy leaked. Meanwhile, Privacy OS can not only protect pictures, materials, but also encrypt for phone calling and messages. It can keep safe about downloading apps about banks, stock trading, etc. And when you pay, you will receive the safe message to confirm.



As flagship smartphone, 360 Q5 Plus chooses the processor of Snapdragon 820 2.15Ghz, and Adreno530 GPU, which has improved its performance 40% better than 360 N4S.


According to Antutu test, 360 Q5 Plus has up to 134,316 scores, which is less than S7 Edge, and in GeekBench 3, its single core has 2335 scores, multi-core has 5315 scores, which can compete with S7 Edge.


This 360 Q5 Plus we test has RAM 4GB, but it has 2.15GB left after turning it on, which is very good for this kind of data. Compared with Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it only has 1.8GB left after resetting. If you think it’s not enough to use for this 2.15GB, you can choose RAM 6GB version.


360 Q5 Plus has ROM 128GB UFS 2.0 high speed flash storage. From A1 SD Bench software test, Q5 Plus has up to 418.47MB/s reading speed and 161.63MB/s writing speed  by UFS 2.0. This kind of speed is 4 times more than 350 Q4 with eMMC 5.0 reading speed.


Game Test

360 Q5 Plus runs large 3D games, there is no stuck, flash back problem, it operates very fluently. In overheating, Q5 Plus with the metal body runs 45 minutes game, although the back camera zone has higher temperature, it is still in the acceptable range.


Q5 Plus is built in LG battery chipset with 3700mAh, which keeps same as last generation. But Q5 Plus has been upgraded to support QC3.0. From battery test, it charges power from 0% to 100 % in 75 minutes, which reduced 25 minutes than last generation.

Next test the power consumption, (Test condition, Wifi starts, 4G closes, 2G standby), Q5 Plus test one hour 3D game in full power, it has 86% left. Then we play 1 hour video, it has 71% power left, then we test standby, after 5 hours, it has 58% off power.



360 Q5 Plus uses 2.0, 13MP black and white + color dual rear camera, F2.0 aperture, 3D photo taking that can be watched by VR glass. color camera can be used for taking photos about items color, black and white camera can take pictures for items’ details and outline.Meanwhile, two camera lens has 1.34 micron which is helpful for enhancing the light.


In addtion, color + black and white dual camera 2.0 has added PDAF+ scenery depth+comparison focus solution, in real test of photographing, we can feel Q5 Plus has been improved in auto focus speed and accuracy.


In good weather, 360 Q5 Plus takes nice samples as follow, and it has details and level kept very well. Compared with 360 Q4, Q5 Plus has improved in white balance, color saturation.

In dim light, Q5 Plus still has space to improve in control the pixels, but the overall picture quality is good, thanks to the dual rear camera.



We think 360 Q5 Plus is a really high-end smartphone, not only 6inch screen, but also nice battery life and quick charge function. Its Snapdragon 820 processor, 128GB rom and RAM 6GB, Dual rear camera, color+black and white makes us amazed, meanwhile, its privacy and safe function can protect our phone well. So we believe it will become the tendency in the near future.


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