The new 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot Offered For $349.99

360 has a brand have been in the smartphone industry for a very long time now, and of recent the company decided to venture into the smart home appliances. Lot of people felt the brand wont be able to strive in that line, but with the release of the 360 S6 Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner some months ago, the brand sileneced its critics as the vacuum cleaner turned out to be one best in the Chinese market today. Days ago, the brand released another vacuum cleaner, which comes with much more amazing features but with a considerable price tag. Lets get to meet the cleaner in details.

Buy The 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot For $349.99


Talking about design, we would dicuss about The Main brush hair anti-entanglement design, Extra-long side brush, Composite material mop, High-precision washable filter, 180° wide-angle charging dock and Frequency conversion energy saving which can all be gotten from the cleaner. The 360 S5 vacuum cleaner is embedded with extra-long brushes on both sides which can clean larger areas and farther corners. The nylon brush bristles, which were imported from Germany and perfected, are more durable and designed to take care of the floor. The ultra-long brush body makes the cleaning more efficient without any unreachable areas. The hair isolation bundle, located between the side brush and the side wall, rotates with the side brush. This will not only prevent hair entanglement to the vacuum but also makes it easier to collect hair.
The main brush’s has a very convenient cleaning design. The detachable and optimized design of the bearings at both ends of the main brush makes hair entangled to the main brush easier to remove and prevents the motor from overheating due to excessive entanglement of hair. It is embedded with a 180° infrared connection charging dock as earlier stated. The robotic can automatically dock. The charging dock can guide the robot cleaner if it’s located anywhere 180° in front of the dock. The guiding distance can reach up to 3~5 meters, which doubles the recharge efficiency to ensure that the robotic vacuum completes its work.


The 360 s5 comes with nice sensors which would ensure you have a very nice time cleaning with the cleaner. It features an LDS Lidar sensor which accurately detects obstacles and intelligently plans path. The LDS lidar rotates at a speed of 6 rv/s and scans its surroundings 2,160 times per second. The distance is accurately measured using the reflected laser from obstacles.
Its SLAM Algorithm Draws Accurate Maps, resulting in More Intelligent Cleaning. The SLAM artificial intelligence algorithm and Autopilot technology can instantly generate room maps and automatically plan cleaning routes. Using M-shaped cleaning, the robotic vacuum has high coverage and no unreachable areas. It also features an Anti-collision Sensors which Prevent Furniture Damage. 24 precise sensors and smart system result in only 500g striking force with no damage to furniture.
The cleaner sports an Automatic Docking & Recharging features. When the vacuum’s power is lower than 20%, the recharge task will be automaticallyturned on. 4 sets of infrared receivers accurately lock on the charging dock. After being fully charged, the robotic vacuum will automatically continue the unfinished cleaning task. With its Anti-Drop Sensor, the vacuum will not fall. There are 3 anti-drop sensors on the bottom of the vacuum to judge whether steps and equipment are lifted off the ground. And lastly on sensor, It features Multi-sensor Collaboration, intelliSense surrounding environment. Using Autopilot technology, imitating human judgment, and accurately sensing the surrounding environments.

Cleaning system and Strenght

The cleaner can be connected to our smartphone using a mobile app which can be further used to sets off-limit area, a customized cleaning format. With App remote control, you can spot clean and draw areas that you want cleaned or define off-limits areas. It save maps automatically, so no need to rebuild that same cleaner part, ones you have created that cleaner part with the app before. The customized cleaning map will be saved automatically. It is convenient and quick as there is no need to reset it when you use it again.
Firmware Update Features, The firmware of the device is constantly updating, so please look forward to more features in the future. You can update system and algorithm via APP. The Volume and Light Can Be Adjusted. The vacuum has soft voice prompts. Voice prompts can also be changed, the light can be adjusted,and you can set a “favorite” state according to your personal preferences. With the APP, you can Scheduled Cleaning: A clean home every day after work. You can set the daily cleaning time through the App and start cleaning after leaving home. Keep a clean home and keep a happy mood! Talking about its strenght, it has a high Suction with Small Noise. Its NIDEC brushless motor has suction up to 1800Pa.
  • Imported unimpeded motor
  • Frequency conversion suction
  • Full body shockproof design
  • Vortex air duct, quiet
  • No interference!
It comes in 3 modes
  • Silent mode with 800pa energy saving dust removal
  • Standard mode with 1300pa~1500pa carpet superchargedintelligent switching
  • Powerful mode with 1800pa strong dust removal
The cleaner automatically increases suction on carpets. When entering carpet areas, the robotic vacuum will automatically switch to 1500Pa strong suction, deep cleaning. Its indoor SUV is able to cross over obstacles. Easy to conquer little mountains. It can clean floor under sofa and bed based on measuring height intelligently. Lastly, it is powered by a LG-18650 lithium battery, 3200mAh large capacity,and energy-efficient technology application, battery life and duration are no longer a problem. The robotic vacuum will also automatically switch its working state according to the type of ground it’s on, and change frequency dynamically to save energy.

Where To Buy The 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot

The 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot is currently available on Gearbest for $349.99  presale price, and would defintly increase after the presale is over. so dont miss out and get the vacuum now.

Buy The 360 S5 Smart Sweeping Robot For $349.99


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