3Glasses Announced Blubur S1 VR Headset in Presale Today at $499


Today 3Glasses has held Blubur S1 VR headset in presale and VR Technology Open Day in Beijing.  3Glasses Blubur S1 is the latest 2K vr headset with 2k screen resolution, 700 PPI, 110 FOV, and a refreshing rate of 120 Hz. It only has 278g weight. In terms of its screen, this time it chooses blue light to protect our eyes. And it can support  2M space orientation range. Meanwhile, Blubur S1 can be be compatible with the new 3Wand-controller.


As is known to all, 3Glasses is the old brand with more than 10 years of experience in VR line, and it has won over 70 nice patents, what’s more, 3Glasses specialized in VR Line earlier than Oculus. Wang Jie as the CEO of 3Glasses, has claimed its benefits from this mature VR headset industry and its cooperators. Right now you can perorder Blubur S1 at 2,999 yuan, almost $499 which you can afford easier than HTC Vive.


They hold this VR technology exchange conference in order to cooperate with more experienced VR companies. And there are some famous founders who have joined at this conference such as Wu Li, CEO of Sankwo,  Zhu Xi, CIO of Digital Domain,Chen Yu, General Manager of Shenzhen Tongfang Information Technologies Co. LTD and so on.


About this event, 3Glasses officially claimed that they will launch the plan of “i plus VR”,  3Glasses will develop advanced VR practical field with many firms.What’s more, they will announce  a 360 degree camera named Luna which is regarded as the smallest camera in the world. And it can also support waterproof.


Right now, there are more and more Chinese VR companies entering, but they have no mature own developed technology.  However, 3Glasses announced this high-end 2K virtual reality headset, Blubur S1 at $499 cheaper price than that of HTC Vive、Oculus Rift, and so on, so we believe Blubur S1 will get big success in its preorder.


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