4 Best Mileage Tracking & Car Maintenance Apps


Let’s face it. Having to keep track of your car’s regular maintenance can be quite strenuous. It’s difficult to remember things like break jobs and oil changes with so many other things going on in your life. The good news? A well-maintained car is a secret to safe driving. On the other hand, a poorly maintained vehicle will risk breakdowns when you least expect, not to mention the high propensity to accidents

It’s not always a piece of cake to know when to charge your battery, oil tries, and also schedule maintenance. We only know of an issue when it is long overdue, which results in costly replacements and repairs. Instead of spending hours looking for the best garage option, you can opt for a car maintenance app to identify the best garage near you in the shortest time possible. 

If you’re all out and about to improve your knowledge of car maintenance, then you’re just at the right place. Some of these apps will help you track the car’s fuel consumption, seek repairs, and order aftermarket parts. Take a moment and look over some of the best car maintenance apps that will prove to be of great help. 


This app allows you to monitor every detail of your car just by inserting the car’s registration number. It offers free vehicle data for more than 40 services. 

Even if your car gets stolen, you can just get every detail about your vehicle through Totalcarchecke in several minutes. Some main app features are: 

  • Checking road tax & MOT status 
  • In-time data if stolen 
  • Small in-app purchase for premium features
  • Reliable platform

       2.Auto Care

This app registers distance in miles and kilometers and fuel in liters or gallons, helpful for those who drive abroad. It allows you to set maintenance reminders based on the time of the month or mileage. Auto Care 1 isn’t free, however most users are happy to pay for the additional features offered: 

  • Fill-up reminders 
  • Task reminders 
  • Maintenance reminder

    3. My Car

With car maintenance reminders, cost tracking, and a clean user interface, this free app offers everything you’d expect in a first-class auto maintenance app. It’s available for a wide range of vehicles and allows you to easily add information from other applications. The sleek and convenient interface is popular among users – with claims that the app is “ easy to use and offers only necessary features.”


Another simple-to-use and popular for tracking fuel costs and costs, Fuelio can get instant notifications on mileage, as prices and your fill-ups. 

The app also allows you to track routes on Google maps, where fill-up notifications are also available, Fuelio operates with cost charts for every category of car management. Some of the app features include:

  • Easy and simple user interface 
  • Auto backup on DropBox and Google drive 
  • Updated mileage logs. 
  • Detailed mileage logs. 
  • In-depth reports on your vehicle condition. 

These apps can help you dodge unexpected fuel expenses and dues through reminders before time. If you haven’t yet managed your car’s maintenance services due to a hectic schedule, then these apps are a pretty good point to start. 


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