4 Good Shows That Will Improve Your Mood


A good series is a way to distract from work and problems. We’ve picked up good and funny series that will suit all kinds of viewers.

Sweet Magnolias

A great choice if you’re looking for a quiet series for the soul – the series immerses you in the atmosphere of a small country town in the United States. The series is about three friends who have different life situations: ups and downs, which you can try on yourself, reflect on how you would act in the place of each character.

Three friends with different biographies live in one city and actively communicate. At the same time, they don’t just learn news about each other, but really get involved in the situation and live as if they were one family. One is trying to survive a divorce from her husband and regain faith in herself, the other – the chef and owner of a fashionable restaurant, the third – an experienced lawyer, successfully defends her clients from various troubles. What connects such different women to each other and what helps them maintain their relationships over the years?

You can analyze your life and understand why there are no such good friends. And if they are available, just enjoy an easy interesting series, which is worth watching when you want to turn off your head and not to delve into the intricacies of the plot. With three seasons in theaters, it’s enough to last a long time.


Even the kindest serials are not without drama, which creates intrigue and holds the viewer’s interest. Starring Gene Smart, she played standup legend Deborah Vance, who has her own show in Las Vegas. Having been on the stage for over 40 years, she feels most confident on it, but lately she’s starting to get hints of age and outdated jokes. To liven up her repertoire, Deborah has to work with a young stand-up comedian. Generational conflict, professional-women rivalry and great humor make each episode fantastic.

In the story, the fate of the main character is far from perfect – a failed personal life and problems with her daughter, who is addicted to drugs. Performances and jokes are just a way to escape from the problems and put on a protective mask. The genre of the series is drama-comedy, and the creators do an excellent job of balancing the two. The series is easy to watch in the same breath, but the presence of drama gives each series the depth it needs, making it vital and heartfelt.

Sex and the City

The series of life-affirming series continues the picture, which simultaneously caused a wave of criticism and admiration. It was the first movie adaptation in which the topics of sex, relationships and careers are discussed as freely as possible. The series raised such important issues as sexual safety, orientation, women’s role in society, promiscuity, etc. For viewers, these were taboo topics that were embarrassing to discuss, so the series was a resounding success and is still popular today.

The movie is set in New York City around the lives of four friends who are “over thirty” and they are trying to arrange their personal lives. Besides the interesting story lines, the series perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the times – the particularities of politics, economics, culture and social norms.

Gossip Girl

The series is a unique mix of friendship, love, guile, and rivalry. It tells about the life of the students of the elite school in Manhattan. At the center of the plot is the rivalry between two friends, Serena and Blair. The former left school last year and is now making a triumphant return, making Blair nervous, who is afraid of losing her leadership. Every teenager has secrets they don’t want to tell those around them. But that desire doesn’t bother Gossip Girl, an anonymous watcher who spills all the details of the golden youth’s double lives. Messages come to the phones of teenagers every time someone has something unusual going on. The fear of Gossip Girl, from which it’s impossible to hide, runs a red thread through all the series, in which different storylines are revealed. Even the trailer of the series conveys the unique atmosphere of New York’s Manhattan district and the luxurious life.

In 2021, the second season of the series was released. The idea is similar – the life of the students of an elite school nine years after the end of the first series. The two parts are unrelated, so you don’t have to watch the previous season to understand this one. The students are different, and Blair and Serena’s rivalry is transferred to sisters Zoe and Julian. The characters start acting so arrogant that it forces the revival of good old Gossip Girl. Only now it’s not a website, but an Instagram account. The filmmakers decided not to keep Gossip Girl’s identity a secret, it was revealed already in the first series. The creators explain this by the fact that people give information about themselves through social networks, there is no need to look for anything. The series shows how much the Internet has changed over these nine years and how much it has become a place in people’s lives.


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