4 Things About Vaping That Beginners Always Get Wrong


For smokers around the world, vaping has proven to be perhaps one of the greatest public health boons of the 21st century to date. Nicotine is an incredibly addictive substance, and many smokers find that, no matter what they try to do, they just can’t seem to quit successfully. Vaping has enabled millions of people to quit smoking successfully, and many medical experts agree that it appears to be significantly less risky than smoking.

So, that’s the good news about vaping.

The bad news is that, for some, vaping also has a pretty steep learning curve. You definitely can’t say that about smoking; once you’ve lit your first cigarette, you pretty much know what you’re doing by the time it’s burned out. With vaping, on the other hand, a seemingly small mistake can result in a terrible experience – and if that experience is your first one, it can put you off from vaping for a long time.

We don’t want that to happen, so this article is devoted to ensuring that your first experience with vaping is a great one.

These are the things about vaping that beginners always get wrong.

Buying Vaping Equipment That’s Too Advanced

When you buy your first vaping device, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll have the best possible experience if you buy online from a vape store like E-Cigarette Empire. That’s because brick-and-mortar vape shops often cater to expert vapers when selecting the products they’re going to carry.

One of the most important things to know about vaping is that a more expensive product isn’t necessarily a better one. More expensive vaping devices often have advanced features, that’s true – but a large vape kit generally isn’t set up to deliver the kind of vaping experience that a beginner wants.

If you’re about to try vaping for the first time – and you’re thinking about buying a large vape mod that includes a big glass tank – you’re probably about to make a big mistake. That’s because a big glass tank produces huge vapor clouds, and if you’re going to use a tank with big vapor production, you need to use an e-liquid with low nicotine.

The big, expensive vaping devices, in other words, are configured to deliver maximum flavor with minimum throat hit. As a smoker, though, “minimum throat hit” is almost the exact opposite of what you want. You want to experience great flavor, of course, but you also need a higher-nicotine e-liquid in order to get the strong throat hit that makes vaping feel like smoking.

While we’re on the subject of nicotine strength…

Using a Nicotine Strength That’s Too Low

If you’re a smoker who’s about to try vaping for the first time, you should almost definitely buy a small vaping device such as a pod system, and you should almost definitely use nicotine salt e-liquid. That’s how you get a cigarette-like experience when you vape.

When you shop for nicotine salt e-liquid, you’re usually going to see two different nicotine strengths: a lower strength of about 25 mg/ml and a higher strength of about 50 mg/ml. If you buy from a vape shop, an attendant is probably going to tell you something like this: The higher strength is for heavy smokers, and the lower strength is for lower-frequency smokers or those who use “light” cigarettes.

Unless you smoke cigarettes very rarely, that advice is probably wrong.

If you want a throat hit that truly mimics what you feel when you smoke a cigarette, you should choose the higher nicotine strength at first and switch to a lower strength later. The higher nicotine strength will get you through the initial hump of transitioning to full-time vaping.

If you choose a nicotine strength that’s too high, you can always go back and purchase the lower nicotine strength. If you choose a lower nicotine strength and find it unsatisfying, though, you’ll probably hate your vaping experience because no amount of vaping will satisfy you.

Buying a Vaping Device With Pre-Filled Pods

The most convenient way to vape is by buying a vaping device with pods that you use once and throw away. That’s the type of device that you’ll see if you shop at a traditional retail outlet like a convenience store. A pre-filled pod-based device can provide a great introduction to vaping. Many people do use those devices and enjoy them very much. If you want to have the best possible experience as a new vaper, though, a device with pre-filled pods is generally the wrong type to choose.

What makes a pre-filled pod system the wrong choice for a beginning vaper? It’s the fact that the United States banned all flavors for e-cigarettes with pre-filled pods except tobacco and menthol at the beginning of 2020. There are hundreds of different e-liquid flavors in the world, but unless you’re using a vaping device that you can fill yourself, you can only try two of those flavors. That’s a pretty poor introduction to vaping.

Inhaling too Firmly and Drinking Your Vape Juice

Once you finally have your new vaping device in your hand, it’s time to learn how to use it – and the most important lesson you can learn as a new vaper is how to inhale properly. When you smoke a cigarette, you’re used to inhaling with firm air pressure when you want to get a bigger puff of smoke and a more intense flavor. When you vape, though, using more air pressure isn’t the way to get a more satisfying vapor cloud. If you puff too hard, you’ll actually draw e-liquid into the atomizer coil of your tank or pod. You’ll end up drinking that excess e-liquid when it comes up through the pod’s air tube.

If you want to get the biggest clouds that your vaping device can deliver, puff slowly while using gentle air pressure. The longer you puff, the more vapor your device will create. Use only the amount of air pressure necessary to get your device to keep generating vapor.


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