4+ tricks to use reverse phone lookup tools like Spokeo to check if your data is safe


Today’s world, it is not possible anymore to hide something from someone even if what you are referring to is private phone numbers. With today’s technology, you can have the capacity to trace the person behind every mystery call through reverse phone search apps and and a lot of other phone lookup software in the market.

With phone lookup apps widely available today, a lot of people find it a need to have this kind of software for security reasons. As the number of new malware threats for mobile devices increased by 54 percent at 2017. But still, you never know how effective this tool is especially if you have not used anything of this kind before. Is this kind of software really helpful for you or is it something that will just be a waste of your investment?

Here are simple tricks to use reverse phone lookup tools like Spokeo to check if your personal data is safe.

Dealing with phishing

Most of cases, phishers make their initial contact through email. At the same time, they also offer you with a phone number. Always, you should report suspicious contacts related to the banking and credit card information to the institution in question.

Meanwhile, when you have some other type of unsavory person in your life, you may suspect that the emails actually came from them.To have a peace of mind, you can use of a reverse phone search to find out who tried to contact you.

When you are behind on paying bills, some unethical bill collectors will see if they can get you to divulge certain kinds of information. Therefore, even though something may look like a clear phishing attempt, you should also investigate as much as you can on your own.

At the very least, when you do a reverse phone search, you can then investigate the person thoroughly to find out if they deliberately targeted you.

Direct use (checking phone number when this contact is suspicious)

Regrettably public phone directories cannot help you to find the owner of the cellular phone numbers because it is not publicly available and kept in privacy. To put it in a nutshell, the cellular phone number’s details are unlisted.

Yes, it is easy to find the details of a landline number but to the contrast it is difficult to find the information about mobile phones. This is because of the laws which protect the solitude privileges of the owners.

The most reliable reverse lookup websites are usually the reverse search services that are linked to various different search engines like Google. If searching the number in quotation marks doesn’t get you Google’s reverse search service, it might show other similar services.

Check what personal data is shared online

Never ever share personal information across non-secure locations. Social security numbers, passwords, and other pertinent financial information should be off limits. You may even wish to partner with an outside firm that specializes in protecting personal data, just to ensure some kind of security with regards to your insurance.

To find out what personal information you may have shared online you can also use online  reverse phone lookup services. Search your number on Google first by putting it in quotation marks “xxx-xxx-xxxx,” like so.

Such tools work backward as compared to using a phone book. You type a telephone number into the service, and it will then provide you with a name, other contact information and data on the person who owns the number.

Other tips and trick on using phone lookup services for cybersecurity

  1. Search, find and compare the service provider with other companies and try to find out its reputation. This will help you to avoid being deceived.
  2. Check the size of the database. It will be only useful if it has a larger size of the database.
  3. Check whether it is updated and accurate. To ensure this you can input your mobile number and check its accuracy.

So go for a reputed company with a good database and updated information that will really help you when you prefer for reverse phone lookup. If you keep your mind on to the above given three points, then you will be capable of getting an accurate and safe outcome.


You now need to do a reverse phone number lookup on each number you found suspicious in your online activity. This can be done right online at one of the many reverse phone number lookup directories we’ve shared. This may help you change your current cybersecurity routine and make it better.

You can use a reverse cell phone lookup to help with anything from prank callers to those mysterious numbers you find laying around that have somehow gotten separated from the rest of the information you took.

Note: Olga Andriichuk works as the content manager at Spokeo. Her field of expertise includes business, marketing, and personal growth. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga classes and exploring new destinations.


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