40W Laser Engraving Machine Offered for €163.49 On Cafago


When looking for a durable engraving machine with decent specifications and features to purchase, this 40W Laser Engraving Machine is a better option. In addition, buyers gets up to 55% Off discount price for this engraver on Cafago including free shipping opportunity from the German warehouse.

Feature and Specifications

With elegant design, this engraver features a linear optical axis with high accuracy alongside adjustable focal length. However, this laser engraver is designed to deliver swift and precise engraving experience. As a preferred choice of engraver, it carries a light shield to protect your eyes properly, you can print while viewing directly.


Most users of this engraver fancy the replaceable laser module design. Nevertheless, it provide users with up to five ( 5 ) kinds of power output options namely; 5.5W/ 10W/ 20W/ 30W/ and 40W respectively. These power output options makes the engraver ready to fit in different laser modules for engraving or cutting different kinds of material with different thicknesses.


In terms of design, this engraver adopts an integrated design that is classy as well. You don’t need any installation process, and it is very easy to use. Furthermore, the engraver has a fine heat dissipation, plus optical axis heat dissipation which facilitates its service life. With type-C interface, the engraver supports PC software, compatible with GRBL; supports OTA upgrade; supports TF card; supports vector editing; supports different kinds of picture format and svg, gcode files.


Where To Buy:

The 40W Laser Engraving Machine is currently available for a discount price on Cafago.



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