5 Home Appliances & Electronics You Can Control Using Your Phone


Knowing that this generation is called the era of technology, you indeed have many home appliances and electronic devices operating inside your house. These appliances and electronic devices give comfort and entertainment to us, depending on why they are built. Still, innovators’ primary objective in creating new sets of technology is inspired by the idea of making all of our lives easier. 

There are home appliances that you can control using only your phones, and this will allow you to operate technologies present in your house just by a single tap on your phone. Interesting right? To fill you up more with information, here are five home appliances and electronic devices that you can control using any smartphone in your house.

  1. Wall Fireplace

If you want to add a design that would enhance the look of your home, all the while having the luxury to control it using your phone, then you might want to add a wall fireplace in your living room. There are different types of wall fireplaces, and one can be accessed by using any smartphone you own. 

Even though it doesn’t give warmth to the area where it is located as other firewalls do, this allows you to control the height, color, and form of the fire through your smartphones, perfect for surprising your guests, leaving them amazed. 

There are also a variety of electric fireplaces that come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Choose the one that fits the theme of the area that you want it to be placed. 

  1. Smart Thermostat

A thermostat is a kind of technology that allows you to control the temperature in any area of your house just by tapping the increase or decrease button. Efficient, right? 

But what if I told you that there is an upgraded version of this that is more efficient and makes life more comfortable? It is called a smart thermostat. This thermostat will give you the benefit of controlling the temperature of your house through your phone. 

You can finally adjust your house’s temperature efficiently without going downstairs to manually increase or decrease the temperature because you can already control using your iPod.

  1. Security Camera

This technology is commonly used in different houses because its purpose is to provide security to the house. Now, instead of going to the control room and checking all the surveillance systems, you access security cameras through your phone. You can now access surveillance cams anywhere and everywhere.

  1. Pet Feeder

This one is for all those pet lovers who have a very tight schedule and are often away for the whole day. You don’t have to worry about who will feed your pets because this advanced pet feeder allows you to provide them through the use of any smartphone. 

You can control the amount of food to be given and what type of food you will provide. Make sure to fill it with their food before leaving your home. 

  1. Television

Television is known to be one of the most used electronic devices in your house. They serve different kinds of purposes in each household. That is why people from the business industry keep on upgrading this home appliance. 

With the advanced technology that the world discovered, you can control your television by using your smartphone. There are numerous ways to do that, depending on what type of television set you have.  

Just do some little research or ask for some professional help, then you will already be able to control your television without using any remote.

These home appliances are now upgraded to become more efficient and make all of our lives easier. But that won’t stop there, innovators will keep on thinking, and creators will keep on upgrading these technologies that we have right now.


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